According to the Bakersfield Police Department, Bakersfield sees an increase of 20 rapes each year. There were around 120 rapes reported in a single year in Bakersfield. These were only the reported cases, and the police department estimates that this number could be much more. Sexual assault could leave a victim with traumatizing emotional distress, along with physical injuries. 

Most cases of rape in Bakersfield, according to the police department, occur between two people that know one another. The victim is most likely to be a relative or friend of the perpetrator. Currently, there is a strong push by the Bakersfield Police Department to investigate all reported sexual assault cases, and advocate for a community search, where community members feel confident reporting any instances of sexual assault.

Kern County Sheriff’s office also has a sexual assault and abuse investigation unit. This unit’s responsibilities are to investigate all sexual and physical reports of abuse. They investigate abuse that occurs to children, elderly, and adult sexual abuse. Besides investigating, they also look for missing persons, especially those who were involved in human trafficking cases.

Although there are several steps taken by Kern County and Bakersfield to decrease the number of sexual assault incidences, sexual assault is still very common, and could lead to catastrophic injuries. If you or your loved one has been involved in a sexual assault incident in Bakersfield, contact us today to see how you could hold the perpetrator responsible for their actions. We understand how difficult and tough it may be to come forward and report such an incident, especially to give specific details out to an attorney.

Our attorneys offer confidential one-on-one consultations because we want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible, especially because of what they have been through and what emotions they may feel as they discuss the details of their sexual assault case. We work to hold perpetrators responsible for their actions and hold them responsible with financial compensation. We have been representing sexual assault and physical assault abuse victims for the last several decades. 

We know how complex it could be to prove a sexual assault incident and to hold the perpetrator responsible. Call us today to set up a free case consultation and evaluation to review the circumstances of your sexual assault lawsuit.

Bakersfield Sexual Assault Laws

Bakersfield has several laws in place that work to prevent sexual violence and harassment and guarantee victims’ specific rights when filing a lawsuit against the perpetrator. Below are some general concepts:

  • California law states that all sexual activity must have consent from all parties. All parties must willingly and knowingly understand consent and provide consent. Factors such as age and intoxication are considered when determining if a party did consent at the time of the sexual assault.
  • Sexual assault is also referred to as rape. Sexual assault occurs when there is sexual intercourse or sexual penetration without the consent of a party.
  • California holds very hefty penalties against perpetrators who are accused of sexual assault. This could include imprisonment, fines, along with sex offender registration which could affect the perpetrator’s public records for several years after the assault.
  • Those who have seen or been a victim of sexual assault in Bakersfield should report the incident to the Bakersfield Police Department. The police department also recommends that victims get medical treatment immediately.
  • Victims of sexual assault in Bakersfield can hold the perpetrator responsible for any injuries or emotional distress that the perpetrator has caused from the assault. 

Bakersfield Sexual Assault Civil Versus Criminal Cases

You could file a civil lawsuit, or a criminal case against the sexual abuser. But, usually, victims file a civil lawsuit against the abuser to recover compensation. Our personal injury attorneys will represent you in the event of sexual abuse, and hold the perpetrator responsible under a civil lawsuit.

A criminal case differs because the victim is not able to recover compensation. Instead, the cases are handled by the state and government entities against the perpetrator. The victim may only be deposed and speak during the trial. However, the victim is not able to independently hold the perpetrator responsible. Oftentimes, in criminal cases when the perpetrator is found guilty, this could strengthen the victims’ civil lawsuit against the perpetrator. 

When should I file my sexual assault case in Bakersfield?

Bakersfield, California offers many protections and rights to victims who have been sexually assaulted. With every type of incident, there is a statute of limitations. But, for standard cases like car accidents and trip and fall accidents, this statute of limitation is 2 years. When it comes to sexual assault, the statute of limitations  differs depending on the circumstances:

  • If the survivor is under the age of 18, then they have 10 years from the date of the sexual assault to file a claim against the perpetrator or 3 years after the date the victim discovered injuries, whichever comes later.
  • If the abuse occurred before January 1, 2019, victims only have 3 years from the date of the sexual assault to file a lawsuit.

This is all outlined under California Assembly Bill 1619. This assembly bill was drafted to protect survivors of sexual assault, while also giving them a specific time frame they must follow. To discuss how much you could recover, and when you should file your sexual assault lawsuit, give our top-rated attorneys a call today to discuss.

What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault is referred to as non-consensual touching. This occurs when a perpetrator uses force to touch another victim or touch themselves. For example, sexual assault could include non-consensual kissing, rubbing, or groping. If you have experienced any of the mentioned sexual assault incidences, contact our top-rated attorneys to see how you could get the legal care you deserve.

Different Types Of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault could occur in just about any circumstance. Below are some examples of where sexual assault could occur:

  • Sexual assault at school: This could include public or private schools
  • Sexual assault in college: This is very common within college campuses in northern California
  • Sexual assault in medicine: Doctor-patient relationships may lead to sexual assault 

What should I do if I’m a victim of sexual assault in Bakersfield?

If you have been a victim of sexual assault and Bakersfield, contact our top-rated attorneys to see how you can get the care you need. But, immediately after an accident, you should report the assault to proper authorities, and get immediate medical care. 

Sexual Assault Bakersfield Attorneys

Our highly rated sexual assault Bakersfield attorneys hold abusers responsible because we understand the emotional distress and physical injuries that could take a toll on the accident victim. 

We give a voice to victims who are not able to speak up. Give us a call today to discuss. We have represented single victims and multi-victim sexual abuse cases. We have recovered hundreds of millions on behalf of our clients, and offer confidential consultations. Our attorneys are also contingency fee attorneys and do not collect a single dollar upfront unless we win compensation for you.