Our Bakersfield wrongful termination lawyers have been representing employees who have been wrongfully terminated for the last several decades. We understand that being terminated from your workplace could be a very devastating and traumatizing experience, especially if you live from paycheck to paycheck. Our trial attorneys are available to represent you in the event that your case is not settled and goes to trial. We want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible when explaining to us the circumstances of their wrongful termination.

Unfortunately, wrongful termination is very common in the workplace in Bakersfield. Wrongful termination could result from discrimination or as a result of retaliation for speaking up against a violation of labor laws or wage and dispute laws.

Wrongful terminations can be very complex to prove, that is why our attorneys recommend that you discuss your wrongful termination claim with our highly rated lawyers. Our complimentary case evaluations provide a great opportunity for our clients to discuss the details of the wrongful termination case. Wrongful termination could be difficult to prove since an employer may point to other reasons why the employee was let go in order to hide the actual reason. It takes a strong and experienced employment attorney to hold employers responsible.

If you have any questions concerning your wrongful termination lawsuit or claim, give our lawyers a call today to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

What is considered wrongful termination?

Wrongful termination occurs when an employee is fired or let go because of an unlawful reason. Employees can only be fired based on lawful reasons, such as poor performance, or committing fraud at work. You cannot be unlawfully fired from work.

This is a right that is outlined under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and under the False Claims Act. There are several federal, state, and local Bakersfield laws that establish employee rights that workers may have.

What is an example of wrongful termination in Bakersfield?

A most common example of wrongful termination is termination which results from discrimination. For example, if an employee identifies themselves as lesbian in the office, and since they have come out, they have been treated differently, they may be facing workplace discrimination from their co-workers or from their employer. If they are then terminated from work but have been performing the same and have been successful at work, then this is most likely a case of wrongful termination. There is no direct evidence for wrongful termination and proving that the employer was unlawful, instead wrongful termination is proven by circumstantial evidence.

Discrimination In Wrongful Termination

Discrimination cannot be one of the reasons for letting go or refusing to hire an employee. There are protected classes that protect Bakersfield employees from any type of discrimination at the workplace, including:

If you believe you have been discriminated against because you have belonged in any of the above-protected classes, contact our employment attorneys to discuss.

Is being terminated the same as being discharged from work?

Being laid off from work is another expression used to refer to termination from work. But, when an employer fires another employee, they are essentially discharging the employee from their duties. Firing an employee could be based on valid lawful excuses. For example, if the employee was showing up late to work or performing poorly in their day-to-day tasks, they could get fired.

But, when an employer terminates the employment with the employee, this could be considered wrongful termination. There are slight differences between the two, for more information, we recommend that you discuss with our top-rated attorneys. 

What should I do if I have been wrongfully terminated in Bakersfield?

  • If you have been wrongfully terminated in Bakersfield, based on discrimination, retaliation, assault, or harassment, you should get in touch with a top-rated Bakersfield attorney as soon as possible.
  • If you have suffered any medical physical injuries, you should get evaluated by a medical provider as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, physical injuries may result from harassment or assault. If you get treated for these injuries, you will have a paper trail and strong evidence that could point to workplace harassment. 
  • If you have any records or paper trail, whether it is through email, text, or through social media, we recommend that you keep all the documents and records. As soon as it happens, you should print it out and have a copy yourself. Sometimes, when an employee is terminated from their employment, they may lose access to their email.
  • If there were any eyewitnesses to your wrongful termination case, you should get down their information. It will come in handy when filing a claim or lawsuit in the near future.

How much do our wrongful termination attorneys cost?

Our experienced wrongful termination attorneys have a successful track record holding employers responsible for unfair or illegal actions. Employees should not have to suffer or be placed in the hostile work environment in Bakersfield simply because of no fault of their own. No employees should be discriminated against because they belong to a protected class, and no employee should be harassed at work. 

Can I recover compensation from a wrongful termination lawsuit?

The compensation that you could recover depends on the circumstances of the wrongful termination suit in Bakersfield. Each person experiences workplace harassment or retaliation in a different way. But, an employee who has been wrongfully terminated is entitled to recover compensation. Examples of compensation include:

  • Lost wages: This includes any benefits that the employee was unable to receive, such as minimum wage or overtime payments. This also includes any back pay, which is the amount of compensation they should be awarded, along with any front pay, which includes the compensation that they should have received in the future.
  • Emotional distress: Emotional distress is very common among those employees who have been harassed or discriminated against at work.
  • Punitive damages: Punitive damages are not that commonly awarded in California courts unless the employer acted with malicious intent. For example, if the employer sexually assaulted the employee, and when the employee spoke up about it, was terminated from work, then punitive damages may be awarded. To discuss punitive damages in detail, and to see if your circumstance qualifies for punitive damages, give us a call.
  • Attorneys fees: In some circumstances, you may be able to recover attorney fees. 

Bakersfield Wrongful Termination Lawyers Near Me

If you have experienced wrongful termination from your employer and Bakersfield, give us a call today to discuss how you could hold your employer or other coworkers responsible. Usually, employees are terminated because of lawful reasons. When an employee is terminated because of an unlawful reason, they have the right under california law and under federal laws to file a lawsuit or a claim against their employer.

But, it takes a highly qualified attorney to look into the circumstances of your wrongful termination case and gather strong evidence in your favor. Call us today to discuss.