Workplace harassment is a very traumatic experience and could leave the victim with physical injuries that may be permanent, such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

No person should have to go through such a traumatic experience. That is where our Bakersfield harassment attorneys come in. We always want to make sure that our clients get top-rated legal care, and are represented all throughout the harassment lawsuit process.

There are several reasons why a victim of harassment may not be able to come forward. Some examples include:

  • The victim is afraid of speaking up. This is one of the most common reasons why a harassment victim is unable to come forward and explain exactly what happened and hold the party responsible for their actions. Rest assured that our attorneys offer confidential case evaluations in Bakersfield, and are available by phone or email to discuss your harassment lawsuit or claim.
  • The victim believes that they do not have strong evidence to prove harassment. This should not be anybody’s worry. If someone has been harassed, whether at work, at home, or in a business, contact our attorneys to see how we can get you top-rated legal care. Our workplace harassment lawyers have been representing harassment victims for the last several decades. Our employment attorneys have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients and built strong cases because we know what a toll a harassment incident could take on a harassment victim.
  • Many harassment victims are afraid of speaking up because they may worry about the workplace effects that it may have. For example, if they have been harassed at work, they may need their job secured, and maybe living paycheck to paycheck. They may not have enough financial flexibility to look for other jobs or to quit.
  • Harassment victims may also not be able to come forward because they don’t have a support system. They may not have friends or family that they could turn to for assistance, or for guidance as to what they should do next.
  • Cultural norms are also one of the top reasons why a harassment victim and Bakersfield is unable to come forward and report the harassment. Usually, harassment victims are afraid of speaking up against an authority figure because they were taught that is not culturally appropriate.
  • Harassment victims may not know what to do next after experiencing harassment at work. However, we recommend that as soon as you or someone you know has been harassed at the workplace, you should contact our attorneys immediately to see how we can get help you get compensated.
  • A harassment victim could be experiencing anxiety, PTSD, or emotional distress, and may be too afraid of speaking up for fear of reporting the harassment.
  • Harassment victims me not speak up and report their workplace harassment because they may think that reporting it and filing a lawsuit or claim could take up time and energy that the harassment victim does not have.

Our top-rated Bakersfield employment attorneys work hard to make sure that the environment that we create is safe for our potential clients to speak up and give us all the details regarding their harassment incidents. The more information we know about the incident, the more we are able to help you get the compensation that you need. We always want to make sure that our clients feel comfortable throughout the process, and we answer any questions or concerns they may have on what to do next. Give us a call today to set up your one-on-one case consultation.

What are examples of sexual harassment at work in Bakersfield?

Sexual harassment could take place in many different ways and in many different circumstances. Unfortunately, workplace harassment is considered to be one of the most common types of harassment. Examples could include:

  • When an employer or other coworkers make sexual comments or jokes about another co-worker. The employee could hold their employer responsible for making such comments, or for creating an unsafe and hostile work environment if the coworkers made a sexual comment.
  • When an employer or other coworkers try to inappropriately touch an employee. In some cases, those in higher positions may try to make unwanted sexual advances against another employee. The employee may be too free to speak up for fear of being let go or fired.
  • When an employer shares explicit material, such as sharing explicit photos through text or email.  It is considered illegal for other coworkers or employers to share explicit material, about an employee or about another third person.
  • Harassment online is also very common in workplace harassment. Coworkers or employers could bully the employee through social media platforms, texts, or email. 
  • Other employees may engage in repeated physical touch with the employee, even after the employee has spoken up and said how uncomfortable it makes them feel.
  • Retaliation against an employee for speaking up against workplace harassment. An employer and Bakersfield cannot retaliate against an employee for speaking up and reporting any harassment that occurred at work. Examples of retaliation could include firing the employee, demoting the employee, or transferring the employee. 
  • Employees vandalize the workplace, which could be considered workplace harassment since it creates a hostile and uncomfortable work environment.

Above are just some examples of harassment at work. There are several state and federal laws, in california and under the federal government, that protect employees from harassment at work. If you have experienced any of the above types of incidences, or even other circumstances that are not mentioned above, contact our attorneys to discuss. We want to make sure that our clients get top-rated legal care throughout the process.

What type of documents will prove workplace harassment?

Although there is no clear-cut answer as to what will directly prove sexual harassment, you can provide circumstantial evidence. For example, the different types of evidence that could strengthen your workplace harassment claim could include:

  • Emails sent to you
  • Text sent to you
  • Social media posts
  • Notes you have taken about any comments made to you at work 
  • Notes you have taken of any unwanted touching at work
  • Witness statements who had  seen the harassment incident themselves
  • Wage records
  • Employee handbook
  • If you made a report to internal human resources, records of the report 

Workplace Harassment Attorneys

Our top-rated Bakersfield workplace harassment attorneys work with contingency fee agreements and do not collect any compensation from our clients unless we win compensation for them. This means that our attorneys will only collect compensation when we win a settlement or a judgment. 

Our clients owe us $0 upfront. After experiencing workplace harassment, an employee may want to take time off work, quit, or look for another job. During this time, they may not have the financial means to hire an attorney. 

Our attorneys understand that, and so we provide complimentary case evaluations where we can discuss your case and your circumstance in detail and figure out exactly what we can do to help you.