The city of Bakersfield experiences several injuries and fatalities from train accidents every year. Around 300 people pass away in the United States each year from train accidents. Fresno has several different types of trains that go through the city since the city is known to be an agricultural hub for the rest of California. 

Trains In Bakersfield

  • Bakersfield has an Amtrak stop on the San Joaquin route. Many people use Amtrak train to get from the Central Valley to the San Francisco Bay Area to southern California. Amtrak is a train owned by the state of California and allows passengers to get all across the state. It offers two types of seats, coach and business class.
  • Bakersfield also has train lines for Union Pacific, used to move agricultural products from north California to south California.
  • Bakersfield also has the BNSF railway that is used to transport goods from one state to another.
  • There are also plans to build the California high-speed rail. This is a proposed idea from the state government, and given the fact that Bakersfield connects northern California to southern California, Bakersfield is planned to be a stop for this train.

As explained above, there are several different types of trains. This then increases the likelihood of being involved in a train accident in Bakersfield. We recommend that you contact our Bakersfield train accident attorneys if you or someone you know has been injured in a Bakersfield train accident.

Do I need a train accident attorney in Bakersfield?

Many people think that they do not need an attorney and can just handle negotiations and claims on their own. But, having a trusted and experienced train accident attorney on your side will help get the compensation you need. Immediately after a train accident, many different people may reach out to you. For example, the train company may reach out to you to settle a claim. Or, insurance adjusters may try to interview you to use statements to determine the amount of compensation you are owed.  The initial offer usually does not take into account any future medical care or treatment that the accident victim may need. 

Why should you hire Heidari law train accident attorneys?

  1. Our highly rated train accident attorneys have experience representing accident victims for the last several decades.
  2. We hold negligent parties responsible for their actions.
  3. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients and make sure that our clients get the compensation they need.
  4. We negotiate with insurance companies and train companies on your behalf to make sure that all your rights are well represented.
  5. We work with a contingency fee agreement, not collecting any fees upfront unless we win compensation for you. 

What are the most common injuries with a train accident in Bakersfield?

There are several different types of injuries that could result from a train accident. For example, accident victims on a train could suffer spinal cord injuries, quadriplegia, paraplegia, paralysis, amputations, nerve damage, broken bones, fractures, head injuries, and back injuries. But, this could depend on the medical history of the accident victim. Give us a call today to discuss. 

What are the common causes of train accidents in Bakersfield?

  • Train derailments
  • Train collisions with other vehicles
  • Train collisions with objects on the railway
  • Train material spills
  • Assaults on the train
  • Slip and fall accidents on the train

If you have experienced any of the above types of accidents, contact us today to see how you can get the top-rated care that you need. Our attorneys are available to help you 24/7 getting compensation for your injuries.

How Much Do Our Heidari Law Attorneys Cost?

Attorney costs differ depending on the type of law firm and the type of case. With personal injury cases in Bakersfield, our attorneys work through a contingency fee agreement which allows us to pay all the upfront costs with our clients’ claims. 

For example, there are filing fees with the Bakersfield court that you must have to pay, along with eyewitness deposition fees and expert fees. Our attorneys will pay for those costs, while you focus on your injuries. When we recover compensation for you,  we then take a fee. 

Train Accident Investigation Bakersfield

One of the most important steps that you could take for your train accident in Bakersfield is investigating the circumstances of the train accident and determining the cause of the accident. Our top-rated train crash attorneys will investigate the circumstances of the train accident. The faster you contact our attorneys, the better it is for your case. We will promptly begin investigating the circumstances and determining the cause of the accident. For example, we will send out an accident investigator to independently determine the cause of the accident. 

Besides your attorney, the Federal Railroad Administration also sends an investigator to train accident locations to conduct an independent investigation themselves. We recommend that you speak to our attorneys. Contact us today so we can begin looking into the circumstances of the accident.

Who is responsible for a train accident in Bakersfield?

  • Train Engineer
  • Train Operator
  • Train Part Manufacturer
  • Train Part Retailer
  • Crossing Signal Manufacturer
  • Crossing Signal Retailer
  • Train Maintenance Company
  • Crossing Signal Maintenance Company
  • Railroad Track Manufacturer
  • Railroad Track Retailer
  • Train Company
  • Train Employee
  • Third-Party Passenger In The Train
  • Third-Party Driver 

Wrongful Death Bakersfield Train Accident Attorney

If your family has lost a loved one in a train accident in Bakersfield, you have the right to hold the negligent party responsible. You could recover financial compensation for losing a family member from a negligent party. This is called a wrongful death claim. 

Our dedicated wrongful death attorneys will start investigating the circumstances of the accident to determine what steps we should take so your family members get the rated care that they need. Examples of compensation that family members could receive are the victim’s lost wages, injury treatments, medical expenses, emotional distress, funeral expenses, and loss of consortium. Give us a call today to discuss your potential wrongful death claim. The common misconception is that many people believe once the accident victim passes away, there is no right to file a lawsuit. But, the family members could move forward with the lawsuit themselves. 

Our dedicated attorneys know what a traumatic experience it could be not only for you but your family members as well to have someone go through a train accident. Whether it was a slip and fall accident, assault on a train, or a train collision, our attorneys will get started creating a legal strategy for your case. 

Bakersfield Train Accident Lawyer

Our Bakersfield train accident attorneys know how to make sure that our clients get the quality and care they deserve. Give us a call today to set up your one-on-one consultation to determine how much compensation you could receive, and the parties that you could hold responsible. You have the right to pursue compensation from the negligent party. For more information, give us a call.