The well-known Meadows Field airport is located in Kern County. The airport is located about 7 miles away from downtown Bakersfield. Several different airlines operate at Meadow Field Airport, including American Airlines, United Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Air New Zealand to name a few.

Besides Meadows Field Airport, Bakersfield is also located close to San Francisco International Airport, which sees millions of travelers each year. With several travelers going international and domestic, the likelihood of being involved in an accident in an airplane or in an airport is very high.

Many people who have been injured in an airplane or in an airport do not even realize that they have the right to file a lawsuit against a negligent party. Our Bakersfield lawyers represent injured victims who have suffered because of another party’s negligence. If you believe that you have been injured because another party was negligent, give our Bakersfield legal staff a call today to discuss how you could get top-rated legal care.

What are some causes of aviation accidents in Bakersfield?

There are several different causes of aviation accidents in Bakersfield, some including:

  • Pilot negligence: all pilots must be properly trained to fly aircraft and helicopters. Pilots must go through months of training, studies, and practice before they can work for commercial airlines. A pilot’s license is a very difficult license to receive and earn. Even though a pilot’s license has several different requirements that a pilot must meet, pilot negligence is the number one cause of airplane or helicopter accidents. For example, if a pilot makes the wrong decision and decides to fly the airplane in poor weather conditions, the pilot could be held responsible.
  • Airline employee negligence: there are several different employees that take part in the process of a flight. For example, there are employees on the runway who direct airplanes on where to go. There are also traffic controllers that determine the routes that airplanes in the air must travel. There are also airplane attendant employees in the airplanes who assist passengers.  Since so many employees are involved in the process, a single employee’s negligence could cause aviation accidents.
  • Maintenance negligence: usually, airlines hire third party maintenance companies to maintain the airplanes or helicopters. These maintenance companies must make sure that the airplane is in proper working order. If they act negligently, it could cause a failure when flying.
  • Design error: sometimes, an airplane or helicopter that is designed improperly could cause an accident.
  • Poor weather conditions: pilots are not able to fly a helicopter or a plane in poor weather conditions. Poor weather conditions, such as excessive rain and fog could make it difficult for the pilot to fly and could lead to catastrophic accidents and injuries.

Who is responsible for an airplane accident?

Several parties could be held negligent and responsible for an airline accident lawsuit or claim. Below are some examples of the different parties that could potentially be responsible for your Bakersfield aviation accident:

  • Airline: the airline that manages the airplane could be held responsible for your injuries
  • Pilot: if the pilot’s negligence was the cause of the accident, then they could be held personally responsible for the accident
  • Owner of the airplane: sometimes, airlines are not the owners of the airplanes. Airplanes may have a private owner. An owner of an airplane could be held responsible themselves.
  • Manufacturer of the airplane: the manufacturer of the airplane parts could be held responsible in the event that the airplane had a defective part
  • Government entity: in some circumstances, the federal government, such as the Federal Aviation Administration could be held responsible for an accident

What could I recover from my Bakersfield aviation accident?

You may recover a variety of damages since aviation accidents lead to catastrophic injuries. These catastrophic injuries may lead to permanent disability, and the victim may not be able to return to work. Examples include: 

  • Lost wages: aviation accident injuries could affect the ability of the victim to resume back to their jobs. 
  • Wrongful death: if you have lost a loved one to an aviation accident in Bakersfield, you have the right to recover compensation under a wrongful death claim. Wrongful death holds the responsible parties liable for your loved one’s death. 
  • Medical expenses: after experiencing an aviation accident, you most likely have suffered catastrophic injuries and will likely need medical treatments and surgeries. These treatments could be compensated.

Our attorneys know what it takes to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve after going through an aviation accident in Bakersfield. Give us a call today to see how we can help you. We work aggressively to make sure that our clients get compensation secured.

What should I not do after an aviation accident in Bakersfield?

  • Do not sign any settlement offers from insurance companies. Sometimes, insurance companies may try to settle as soon as possible and may try to send over settlement offers. We recommend that you speak to our lawyers prior to signing any contracts, waivers, or offers.
  • Do not communicate with other attorneys or insurance adjusters. Other attorneys may try to get a statement out to then possibly use against you. Do not speak to any parties, until speaking with your experienced Bakersfield attorney first. 

Could I file a lawsuit in Bakersfield if the responsible party is not located in Bakersfield?

When it comes to aviation airplane accidents, there are several different companies involved that may have headquarters and operate in other states and countries. For example, an airline may operate out of a different state. In this case, you could still file a claim in Bakersfield. But, there are several different types of complexities that go with filing an aviation claim or lawsuit. We recommend that you speak to our attorneys prior to filing anything. 

Bakersfield aviation accident attorneys

Aviation accidents could take place in several different ways and could take place down on the ground or up in the air depending on the circumstances. Whether you have been injured in a plane, or helicopter, or while walking through an airport, contact us to schedule a complimentary case evaluation. Our Bakersfield attorneys offer case evaluations to get a better idea of the specifics of your potential lawsuit. Our case evaluation is a great way for us to get more details regarding your injuries and to determine how the accident occurred. If you or someone you know has been injured, give us a call.

We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for clients to make sure that they get the compensation and assistance that they need to move forward. There are several different ways an aviation accident could occur, from slip and fall accidents to parking lot accidents. These types of accidents are usually never thought of as aviation accidents at first. But aviation accidents cover such a wide range of accidents. Give us a call today to discuss. 

Our Bakersfield personal injury attorneys have decades of experience making sure that parties who have caused accidents are held responsible. If you or someone you know has been injured, contact us today.