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Although Los Angeles has some of the most progressive statutes in place compared to other cities in the United States, there is still a high rate of age discrimination in the workplace. Our dedicated Los Angeles age discrimination attorneys are ready to take on your age discrimination claim, and work towards getting you maximum compensation for your injuries.

It is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee simply because the person is older than 40 years old. Our Los Angeles age discrimination attorneys have decades of experience representing victims who have had been discriminated by their employers simply because they belong to a protected class. If you or a loved one have been a victim of age discrimination in the workplace, contact our age discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles today.

What Is Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination occurs when an employer mistreats employees simply because of their age. The age discrimination protections were established by the Federal 1964 Civil Rights Act. The Civil Rights Act contained a statute that specifically prohibited anybody from discriminating against another based on age.

The Different Types of Age Discrimination

Age discrimination can occur indirectly or directly. Usually, if the age discrimination occurs directly, you may have a stronger case. Direct discrimination occurs when someone is  mistreated just because of their age. Other employees act as witnesses to this mistreatment.

Indirect discrimination occurs when the employer has different policies in place that indirectly favor younger employees compared to older employees.

Age Discrimination Examples in Los Angeles

The most notable examples of age discrimination in Los Angeles include:

  • When an employer who is hiring specifically states an age preference in the job listing
  • When an employer takes away an employee’s health insurance benefits as the employer ages
  • When employers require an employee to retire based on their age
  • When an employee is fired because of their age
  • When an employee is demoted because of their age
  • When an employee receives less pay because of their age

If you have experienced any of these above examples, it is important that you get in touch with an experienced age discrimination attorney in Los Angeles immediately.

Most Common Age Discrimination Examples in Los Angeles

There are a few common age discrimination instances we have seen in Los Angeles. These include:

  • When the employer limits an employee’s career advancement simply because of their age. For example, when the employer denies promoting the employee because they are older. An employer cannot decide to hire a younger worker for a higher position simply because of their age.
  • An employer cannot decrease the compensation of an employee simply because they are older than 40, or about to retire.
  • An employer cannot give derogatory comments while at work.
  • An employer cannot force an employee to retire simply because of their age. This is specifically outlawed under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act federal law.

How do you prove age discrimination?

Evidence for age discrimination can be provided in many different forms. Examples include:

  • Statistical evidence regarding workplace employees and their positions
  • Comparative evidence when comparing different employees and how much they are paid and treated
  • Evidence of the actual discriminatory event that occurred

You can use many different types of evidence to prove your age discrimination claim. The more evidence, the better for your case. Our attorneys will work hard to gather all the relevant evidence necessary for your claim. For discrimination claims, it is very important to have strong evidence, or you could risk losing your entire case.

What type of compensation could I receive for my age discrimination claim?

Depending on the circumstances of your age discrimination claim, you could receive a variety of damages, including:

  • Front pay and back pay
  • Job search expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damage (in rare cases if the Los Angeles Court finds that there was intentional malicious actions by the employer)

California Age Discrimination Laws

The federal government’s age discrimination in Employment Act in 1967 specifically outlaws any age discrimination in the workplace. California also has their own laws that prohibit age discrimination by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. This act provides protection to employees and applicants in the workplace who are over the age of 40 and have experienced age-based discrimination.

How do I file an age discrimination claim?

Before filing an age discrimination claim privately against another party in a civil action, it is important that you file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This is a federal government department that specifically investigates your claims and provides you with the right to sue. Once you have the right to sue, you will be able to file a civil personal lawsuit against the other party.

However, if the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) denies your claim that there was any discrimination, you may still be able to file a private civil action against the at fault party. It is very important to hire an experienced top-rated age discrimination attorney to help you through filing your claims with the EEOC, along with pursuing your private civil action claims against your employer. Our employees will work to gather as much evidence as possible that best supports your claim for age discrimination.

Housing Age Discrimination in Los Angeles

If you have been discriminated against by a landlord or a potential landlord, contact our age discrimination attorneys today.

When should I file my age discrimination claim in Los Angeles?

There is a statute of limitations time period that applies to different states in the United States. Each state has a time limit on when a plaintiff, also known as the injured party, can file their case. A case must be filed within the time limit or the employee could risk losing their entire claim and the right to seek compensation. In Los Angeles, age discrimination claims must be filed with the California Department of Fair Employment and housing within one year of the discriminatory incident. That is why we advise everyone to seek immediate legal assistance.

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Contact us for a free no risk consultation. During this initial consultation, we will discuss the merits of your age discrimination claim, and the potential compensation you could receive from your employer. Because of the one-year filing requirements, it is very important that you contact us immediately.

We have decades of experience representing age discrimination victims in Los Angeles.

Our Los Angeles discrimination attorneys are not afraid of going to trial. This means that if both sides cannot come to a settlement agreement, our attorneys are well-equipped to go into court to better protect your rights. We have excellent reviews from our clients regarding our litigation experience.  We stand up for your rights and make sure that you are well represented. We are available 24/7 through phone and email, along with our office conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles.

While you focus on finding another alternative job, we will give you peace of mind while we take care of the legal claims for you and communicate with the at-fault partys. It is also very important that you hire an experienced attorney that has had experience filing cases with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the past.