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According to the website, there are around $5,000 Airbnbs in downtown Los Angeles, over 15,000 Airbnbs in Hollywood, and over 30,000 Airbnbs in Hollywood Hills. Airbnb is a very common platform in Los Angeles, especially because it gives tourists and residents the opportunity to visit various places in the vast county. However, there have been circumstances where Airbnb homes have been dangerous and have led to injuries.

In the last couple of years, especially during the covid-19 pandemic, there was a surge in Airbnb use as many people started to travel around and visit southern california. However, homeowners have a responsibility to make sure that the house that is for rent is safe for visitors. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury while staying at an Airbnb property, either Airbnb or the homeowner may be held responsible. You have the right to recover compensation from either the homeowner or Airbnb. But, this depends on the circumstances, and the cause of the accident. Contact our attorneys today to set up a complimentary consultation and to discuss your Airbnb accident lawsuit.

Los Angeles Premises Liability Lawyers

Our top-rated attorneys have been representing individuals who have been injured on other people’s property for the last several decades. Although Airbnb is fairly new, premises liability is a very common type of lawsuit that our experienced attorneys deal with. Premises liability is a legal idea that holds the homeowner responsible for any injuries that occur on their property. A homeowner has a duty to make sure that the property is free and clear from any dangerous conditions. This duty is established by law.

When the homeowner fails to follow through with this duty and there is a dangerous condition on their property, they may be held responsible under a premises liability lawsuit.

The party filing the lawsuit must have shown that the failure of their duty caused the accident, and now the accident victim has suffered injuries. These elements are somewhat difficult to prove, which is why we recommend that you have a highly-rated attorney on your side. Our top-rated attorneys have a successful history of holding homeowners and companies responsible for injuries that have occurred on their property.

Why should you hire an Airbnb injury attorney?

Many people don’t even realize that they are eligible to file a lawsuit to recover compensation after being injured on an Airbnb property. Instead, sometimes an accident victim may try to message Airbnb customer support or let the property owner know of the incident, only to have their claim denied. Sometimes, Airbnb may try to offer a low settlement that may not cover all your medical expenses. Having a trusted Los Angeles attorney on your side will help ease the process tremendously, so you are not pushed into accepting the lowest settlement agreement that comes your way.

We will help you hold the accountable parties responsible, while also making sure that the compensation you have suffered is recognized.

What are some examples of Airbnb accidents in Los Angeles?

  • Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of accidents on an Airbnb property. Sometimes, appliances may leak liquids, which can be very dangerous and lead to a slip-and-fall accident. A homeowner has a responsibility to make sure that all appliances on the property are maintained and inspected. The homeowner also has a responsibility to alert visitors of the dangerous conditions. A homeowner has a responsibility legally to make sure that there are no slip and fall or trip and fall accidents.
  • Falling tree branches are also a very common cause of injuries on an Airbnb property. When the trees or plants around the property are not properly maintained, and can lead to serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries or head injuries.
  • Collapsed structures, such as stairs or lofts are also very common causes of Airbnb home accidents. All structures must be properly inspected and maintained.
  • Dog bites and animal attacks are also common on Airbnb properties where the owner lives nearby or on the same property. An owner must make sure that their animal is safely secured to prevent any bites or attacks.
  • Airbnbs that are equipped with swimming pools could also lead to dangerous accidents. Swimming pools, along with all equipment must be carefully examined and repaired as needed.  Swimming pool accidents on an Airbnb property could lead to drowning or head injuries.

Above are just some examples of the most common types of Airbnb accidents. To specifically review the accident you have undergone, contact our top-rated attorneys to set up a consultation today.

Who is responsible for my Airbnb accident injury in Los Angeles?

At first, no party may be willing to admit liability for injuries that you have suffered on an Airbnb property. However, Airbnb or the homeowner could be held responsible for your injuries.

  • Airbnb: we recommend that you contact Airbnb as soon as possible after the accident. Take photos of what may have caused your injuries, such as the slippery floors or the broken tree branches. You should send these photos through a claim with Airbnb. Airbnb will then review the photos and the claim information, and accept or deny your claim. Usually, though, our attorneys have seen multiple instances where Airbnb does not offer as much as they should to cover all compensation that the victim has suffered.  Although premises liability holds the homeowner responsible, Airbnb also has a duty to make sure that property visitors are safe. Airbnb should do their due diligence and investigate the homeowner and make sure the homeowner is creating a safe environment for visitors. 
  • Homeowner: a homeowner may also be responsible for leaving the condition of the house poor and in a dangerous condition. In order to file a lawsuit against the homeowner, the accident victim should first report the incident and the accident to the homeowner. At first, the homeowner may deny all liability. That is when our attorneys will come in and hold them accountable. You may need to file a civil lawsuit. 

In the event that there are other parties involved in the accident, you could also hold them responsible for any negligent actions that they have taken. For example, some questions that you might ask include:

  • Who is the property owner?
  • Who is the property manager?
  • Who controls the property? 
  • Who maintains the property?

How much does an Airbnb injury attorney cost?

Many people fear hiring an attorney since they may have to pay a fee upfront. But, our attorneys have contingency fee agreements. Contingency fee agreements are a great way for our attorneys to take on your case without you having to worry about paying for our attorneys upfront. We take $0 upfront and only get paid when we win for you. 

Los Angeles Airbnb Injury Attorney Near Me

Our top-rated personal injury attorneys are available anytime to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your Airbnb accident injuries. 

Accident injuries can lead to traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, head injuries, amputations, lacerations, and broken bones. Our attorneys work hard to make sure that you get compensated for these types of injuries. Give our lawyers a call today to discuss your specific case.