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With so much construction being done in and around Los Angeles, California, the likelihood of seeing a crane is very high. Construction sites are considered to be one of the most dangerous workplace environments in Los Angeles. Cranes are considered to be one of the most hazardous tools used at a construction site and should be used with caution, and by trained employees. If you or someone you know has suffered injuries from a crane accident, give us a call today to discuss how you could hold the negligent party responsible.

If you have lost a loved one in a crane accident at a construction site, our attorneys can help you get the care you need. As a family member, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the negligent party on the decedent’s behalf. This is considered a wrongful death claim. Unfortunately, crane accidents could lead to death because of the high elevations. For more information on wrongful death, give our Los Angeles crane accident lawyers a call at Heidari law to discuss.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction site accidents are one of the most common types of accidents in the United States. This is also the number one cause of work-related injuries and fatalities. 

What are the different causes of crane accidents in Los Angeles?

In order to determine the value of your case, and who the responsible party is, the first step is determining the cause of the accident. Because construction sites have so many tools, and there are several different managers, supervisors, and companies that are present at a job site, determining the cause could be very difficult. That is why you need the help of a highly-rated Los Angeles construction site accident lawyer.

There are also several different terms and policies that construction site environments may use while on the job. We have been representing construction site accident victims for several decades, and have recovered millions for our clients by holding the negligent parties responsible. Below are some examples of the different causes of crane accidents:

  • Electrocutions: electrocutions occur when the crane comes into contact with electric wires, especially power lines.
  • Mechanical failures: the cranes must always be inspected, and must be maintained for repairs. In the event that a company feels to do so, they could be held responsible.
  • Collisions: the crane could collide with other objects, and could lead to falling objects which could be hazardous to pedestrians.
  • Overturning cranes: cranes can overturn if overloaded. All employees must be properly trained to make sure that they do not overload the crane.
  • Collapses: the crane could also collapse if it is overloaded. This could lead to injuries not only for the employee operating the crane, but other employees nearby.
  • Falling debris and objects: objects and debris could fall from the crane, and injure nearby passengers and employees.
  • Poor weather conditions: poor weather conditions, such as rain, snow, or fog could lead to crane accidents.

All of the above causes may end up in permanent life-threatening injuries, and oftentimes even death. Make sure that you have a trusted Los Angeles attorney on your side, and contact us today.

What are the different types of cranes used in Los Angeles?

There are several different types of cranes that you may be able to see on a site. But, it takes a highly qualified attorney to recognize the type of cranes and to investigate the circumstances of the accident to file a lawsuit against the correct parties. Below are some examples of cranes that you might be able to spot:

  • Hammerhead cranes: hammerhead cranes have a horizontal lever on a high tower.
  • Tower cranes: usually, tower cranes are the most common types of cranes used at a construction site to get to high areas.
  • Telescope cranes: telescope cranes are those that are assembled on top of a vehicle, and are usually used for transportation purposes.
  • Bulk cranes: bulk cranes are cranes that are somewhat bigger, and meant to carry and transport larger loads.

What compensation could I recover for my crane accident injuries?

By holding the negligent party responsible, you could recover monetary damages for what you have suffered. But, your attorney should make sure that they have covered all your losses. Often there are several types of losses that an injured victim may suffer. Below are some examples of compensation you could receive:

  • Property damage: property damage takes into account any personal property that was damaged at the time of the crane accident. This is usually not a common type of compensation but could be recovered.
  • Medical expenses: medical bills are compensated by holding the responsible party accountable for your actions.
  • Lost wages: usually, those injured in a crane accident are not able to return back to work. Because they are not able to return to work, they could recover their lost wages, along with the loss of income.
  • Punitive damages: punitive damages are awarded when a party acts maliciously. In the event that a construction site company purposefully acted recklessly, it could be held responsible for punitive damages.

Who can file a lawsuit for a crane accident injury?

Many people think that they do not have the right to file a lawsuit for a crane accident injury because they are not construction site workers. However, this is not the case; if you were a pedestrian, driver, motorcyclist, employee, or supervisor, who was injured in a crane accident, you have the right to hold the negligent party responsible. You don’t need to be employed by a construction company.

For example, if you were a pedestrian crossing the street, and up above a construction site employee improperly maneuvered the crane, and the cream collapsed, leading to your injuries, you have the right to file a lawsuit and hold the construction site employee and the construction site company accountable. 

Crane Defects In Los Angeles

Sometimes, a defective crane could be the cause of the crane accident. Product liability lawsuits are lawsuits that our top-rated attorneys have experience in, products liability is a specific type of lawsuit that will require a top-rated lawyer. 

Product liability holds manufacturers responsible for a defect in the product. There could be a design defect, manufacturing defect, or warning defect. It is the plaintiff’s responsibility to prove the defect with the crane. This could get very technical, especially when having to prove how the crane accident happened and what the defect is. Call our attorneys today for more information. 

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