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Gym Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

Fortunately, the city of Los Angeles is one of the most populous cities that have access to immediate gyms and sports facilities. Gyms are a great way to get into shape but can be dangerous if there is improper supervision or the gym machinery is not properly working.

If you have been injured in a gym accident, or know someone who has suffered an injury at a gym in Los Angeles, you may be able to get compensated for your injuries. There are a variety of damages that you could get compensation for, including:

  • Medical expenses: this is a very common type of compensation that gym accident injured victims will want to recover. Medical expenses could include hospital stays, imaging, physical therapy, treatments, prescription medication, and at-home medical equipment and devices.
  • Lost wages: lost wages are wages that the injured accident victim is unable to get paid because they took time off work. Lost wages take into consideration the employee’s wages, the number of hours that they work, and the employee’s age.
  • Future loss of earning capacity: loss of learning capacity is also a very common type of damage when it comes to getting compensated for a gym accident. Since gym accidents may result in permanent injuries, these injuries could make it difficult for the injured party to go back to work. The injured party will then be able to recover the loss of earning capacity. Loss of earning capacity takes into account the future wages that the employee is not able to work for. The person’s age, position, salary, education, along with work experience all go into determining the loss of earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering: gym accidents can be very traumatic. This is because one who visits a gym is usually looking forward to a positive and healthy experience. It could be devastating to suffer an injury while at the gym. The victim could suffer PTSD, along with anxiety and emotional distress. You could recover compensation for your emotional distress.
  • Property damage: this is not very common when filing a suit for gym accident injuries, but an injured party could recover damage to any of their personal belongings. For example, if the gym goer fell while on a treadmill and also dropped their phone, they could recover compensation for replacement to their phone.

For more information on the types of compensation you could receive for your Los Angeles gym accident, give our top-rated Los Angeles lawyers a call today to discuss.

What are the different causes of gym injuries?

Unfortunately, gym injuries are very common because of the heavy and large machinery that can be found at the gym. If not used properly, or if not properly maintained, it could result in devastating injuries. Below are some examples of the different types of causes of gym accidents:

  • Defective gym equipment: this is very common when filing a gym accident lawsuit. Unfortunately, gym equipment could be defective. In that case, the gym goer could then file a lawsuit against the product manufacturer or the product retailer for compensation. But, this is a product liability lawsuit, and so the injured party must have to prove how the injury came about, and what the product defect was. There are several different types of product defects, including design defects, warning defects, and manufacturing defects. A piece of gym equipment could have any of the three defects. Our product liability attorneys will look into the circumstances of your gym accident case, and work with experts one-on-one to see what the defects may be in your specific case.
  • Improper maintenance of the gym equipment: all gyms in Los Angeles have a responsibility to make sure that it is safe for you. This includes having a proper maintenance protocol. Usually, gyms could hire a third-party maintenance company to come and repair the machines. At that time, the machines must be closed off and not available for use. If the gym fails to take such necessary steps, it could result in an accident, and the gym could be held responsible.
  • Not repairing broken gym equipment: gyms must also do a constant check to make sure that all the equipment is working properly to prevent any broken equipment.
  • Improper instruction and supervision: gym employees must always supervise the floor to make sure that no customers are using the machines improperly. Prior to using the machines, gym employees should also let the customers know how to properly use the equipment and any warnings.
  • Dangerous conditions must have a warning: sometimes, there may be spilled liquid or objects on the floor that could be a potential slipping or tripping hazard at the gym. This could then lead to trips and falls, which could result in spinal cord injuries. The gym is responsible for making sure that there are proper warnings and proper protocols when it comes to cleaning the gym floor.
  • Failing to clean gym equipment: gym equipment must constantly be cleaned. This includes disinfecting the gym equipment to prevent any serious diseases or illnesses that may spread among the gym goers.

What will I need to prove in my gym accident case?

When filing a lawsuit against a gym in Los Angeles, there are specific factors that you must have to prove. For example, you must show:

  • The gym had a duty to make sure that they provided a safe and sanitized environment. This duty is a duty provided to all gym goers.
  • The gym failed to follow through with that duty when they created a dangerous environment.
  • Because the gym failed to follow through with this duty, there is now an injured party.
  • The injured party has now suffered damages and should be compensated for their injuries.

What other parties might be responsible for my gym accident lawsuit in Los Angeles?

  • The gym
  • The gym employee
  • The equipment manufacturer
  • The gym equipment retailer
  • Other gym members
  • Third-party maintenance company 
  • Third-party cleaning company

What should I do after a gym accident in Los Angeles?

If you have been involved in a gym accident in Los Angeles you should make sure that you get top-quality legal care, and assert your rights.

  • Call 911 if you need immediate medical attention after the accident.
  • If you do not need immediate medical attention, within the next day visit a medical provider to get evaluated.
  • Take pictures of the accident location.
  • Write down any witness information.
  • File an incident report at the gym.
  • Do not speak to any insurance companies.
  • Keep a copy of all medical bills and invoices.
  • Contact our top-rated Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. 

How much do our Los Angeles gym accident attorneys cost?

Our top-rated Los Angeles personal injury attorneys work three contingency fee agreements, and only recover compensation when we win for you. Give us a call today to discuss the different steps we can take to make sure that you get top-rated legal care.