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Ladders are used in and out of the house. Although using the ladder seems to be quite simple, a ladder user still has the possibility of getting injured if they don’t use the ladder properly. There are around 100,000 ladder injuries in the country in a single year. These are just the reported ladder injuries, and many experts suggest that this number could be much more, even doubled since there are injuries that are not reported or specified to be caused by using the ladder.

Ladders are a great tool to have around the house. But, if a single part in the ladder is not working properly, ladder injuries could result in catastrophic results. Ladders are especially common on construction sites in Los Angeles. Construction sites are often the most dangerous work environments where risk of injury runs high.

Could I receive workers’ compensation if I have been injured by a ladder?

Workers compensation allows employees to recover compensation for the injuries that they have sustained while at work. But, you must be able to prove that the injuries you suffered were because of your employment. For example, if you were a construction site employee, and we’re injured while using the ladder to get to a higher point, you may be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits.  

But, it is important to keep in mind that workers’ compensation is different from a civil lawsuit. You cannot file a civil lawsuit against your employer if you have recovered workers’ compensation benefits from your employer. For more information on what workers’ compensation benefits are, and how you could file for workers’ compensation benefits, contact our Los Angeles lawyers.

Why are ladders dangerous?

A ladder is a tool that is meant to help the user reach higher areas. A ladder usually is made up of two long sides with rungs or steps that allow the user to get to higher points. However, when climbing up these rungs it is very important that the user climb with caution. Slips are very common while climbing up the rungs. There are several different types of ladders that can be seen in Los Angeles, including:

  • Folding ladders: this is most commonly used outside in residential homes, such as backyards
  • Step stools: step stools are very common in homes
  • Extension ladders: these types of ladders are most commonly seen at construction sites
  • Telescoping ladders: these types of ladders are used for building construction and maintenance

As explained above, there are several different types of ladders, each with a different purpose.  Ladder injuries are oftentimes difficult to prove, especially because the defendant may try to blame the ladder user for misusing the ladder. It takes a highly qualified attorney to look into the circumstances of the accident, determine the type of ladder, and determine the reliable parties. 

Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney

Unfortunately, there also have been circumstances where a ladder user may fall to their death. If you have lost a loved one from a ladder fall, our Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers will help you get the care you need. A death could take a tremendous toll on a family, especially if the family member passed away due to another party’s negligence. Our attorneys will help you file a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party for the loss that you have suffered.

For questions on wrongful death, contact our attorneys to see how you could file a lawsuit.

What causes ladder accidents in Los Angeles?

Below are some examples of the most common causes of ladder accidents in Los Angeles. It is very important that you use caution, and climb up the wrongs slowly when using a ladder.

As explained above, there are several different types of ladders with different purposes. It is essential that you identify the purpose of the ladder and purchase one specifically designed for the job at hand. 

  • Each ladder has a specific weight limit; exceeding that may lead to a collapse and injuries. Sometimes, a user may not necessarily know the height of the ladder that they need and may use one that is too short. While using the short ladder, they may try to reach up higher with their hand, lose their balance, and fall.
  • Sometimes, ladders may be damaged. A lot of users must make sure that the ladder they are using is properly repaired at all times. A ladder may also have a defect. In the event of a ladder defect, the manufacturer of the ladder parts could be held responsible under a product liability lawsuit. Product liability is a very specific type of lawsuit, and we recommend you hire a top-rated product liability attorney if you suspect that the ladder you were using had a defect and led to injuries. In order to prove a product defect, you must show the exact defect that the ladder had that caused the accident.
  • Ladder users may also use the ladder improperly. It is very important that a ladder user hold the sides with both hands and slowly climb up the rungs of the ladder. Their hands must always have contact with the ladder at all times.
  • Ladders may also be placed in improper locations. For example, if the ground is not firm and used on soft soil, the ladder cannot be properly secured, wobble, and lead to falls or catastrophic injuries.

Above are just some examples of how ladder accidents are caused. However, we recommend that you consult with our attorneys if you believe that your accident was caused by another third party. Usually, if the ladder has a defect, a product liability lawsuit must be filed immediately. For more information, give us a call today to discuss.

Los Angeles Ladder Injury Attorney

Our injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. A contingency agreement allows our team to front all the costs on your behalf without you having to pay any upfront fees. When filing a lawsuit, there are fees you must have to pay. For example, there are filing fees, expert fees, deposition fees, investigation fees, etc. Our attorneys will pay for those fees, and will only recover compensation if we win compensation on your behalf. This means that if we do not settle or receive a judgment, our attorneys will not collect a single dollar. 

Ladder accidents can be very complex, which is why we recommend that you consult with our attorneys as soon as possible if you suspect that your ladder accident was caused by another party. 

Our case consultations are absolutely free. They are a great way of getting to know our attorneys and the experience that we have. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients, and counting. With our successful Los Angeles track record, we make sure that responsible parties are held liable. Give us a call today to see how you could recover compensation for the ladder injuries you have suffered.