Property Damage Cases in Los Angeles

Property damage can happen in any of several ways. For example, the most common example of property damage in Los Angeles is vehicle damage from a car accident. 

Anyone who has been involved in a car accident can hold the negligent party responsible for the damage to their vehicle. Property damage could be compensated as the cost to replace the vehicle, or the cost to repair the vehicle.

Each property damage circumstance is different, which is why we recommend that you speak to our top-rated Los Angeles property damage lawyers as soon as possible. We are available in several different ways and have complimentary case evaluations. Many don’t even know that they have the right to seek property damage. Usually, when people think of filing a claim or a lawsuit from a car accident, they think of medical expenses and costs. But, another damage that an accident victim could recover is property damage.

Why should you hire our Los Angeles property damage lawyers?

  • Insurance companies should have to pay for any property damage that you have suffered. You should not have to pay for replacement or repair costs yourself if the damage was caused by a negligent party.
  • Our experienced attorneys will help you navigate through the legal process to make sure that you get the maximum compensation available. Filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit is very time-consuming, and complex. There are several different legal hurdles that you may have to jump through. Our experienced property damage lawyers will help you throughout this process, and handle this legal process while you focus on your injuries that you may have suffered from the accident.
  • We work on a contingency basis and do not recover compensation from our clients unless we win compensation. This is a great way to get to know our attorneys.
  • Our top-rated attorneys will negotiate with insurance companies or defendants to secure maximum compensation for you. It is very important that you choose an experienced property damage attorney. Property damage is a very specific type of law and requires a highly-rated attorney. 

What are examples of property damage in Los Angeles?

There are certain common types of property damage in Los Angeles we have assisted our clients with in the past. The most common types of property damage include:

Property Damage To Homes

Unfortunately, your home may suffer extensive property damage through natural causes, such as fire and wind. There are also circumstances where you might suffer property damage from another party’s actions, such as arson or vandalism. For both types of circumstances, you may be covered under your own homeowner’s insurance policy. For more information on an in-depth look into your policy and what your homeowners insurance covers, give us a call today.

Property Damage To Businesses

Many businesses are required to have insurance in the event that they suffer any type of property damage. Unfortunately, vandalism is very common in Los Angeles County, and several business owners have found themselves having to file claims with their insurance company for compensation.

Property Damage To Vehicles

As explained above, a common type of damage is motor vehicle damage caused by car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, etc. In cases of vehicle damage, you may be able to recover this compensation through an insurance claim or through a lawsuit by holding the negligent party responsible. Call us today to see how you can file a claim for your car accident.

What causes property damage in Los Angeles?

Water Damage

Water damage is especially common through floods, tsunamis, or through water pipe damage. This can then lead to mold, which is very difficult to remove and poses potential health risks.

Mold Damage

Mold is an end result of water damage. Mold damage could also lead to health hazards, and symptoms are usually felt by members of the household. Exposure to mold for long periods of time could be very toxic.

Fire Damage

Fire often causes smoke damage, and can be caused by wildfires, arson, or defective appliances.

Vandalism Damage

Many insurance policies cover vandalism, especially within the last couple of years. Businesses are most likely to suffer vandalism compared to residential homes.

Are all types of property damages covered under homeowners insurance?

There are circumstances where property damage is not always covered by homeowners insurance. But it takes a highly qualified attorney to look into your homeowner’s insurance policy and fight for your rights. Insurance companies will typically try to represent themselves, and pay as little as possible to claimants. We are here to help. Give us a call today to discuss your insurance policy coverage.

Who is responsible for the property damage I have suffered in Los Angeles?

There are several different parties that may be responsible for property damage that you have suffered. But it takes a highly qualified attorney to narrow down the responsible parties, and file a claim or lawsuit against those parties. Below are some examples of parties that could be held responsible:

  • Product manufacturers: product manufacturers and product retailers could be held responsible in cases of a product defect. For example, if you purchase an appliance, and that appliance catches on fire and you suffer property damage, you can hold the manufacturer responsible under product liability lawsuits.
  • Homeowner: if you are a tenant renting or leasing a home, you may be able to hold the homeowner responsible for failure to make necessary repairs if the homeowner was put on notice. A homeowner has a responsibility to make sure that their property is safe and free from any dangers.
  • Insurance company: sometimes, an insurance company is a party which you could file a claim with to get compensation.
  • Drivers: other vehicle drivers could be held responsible for vehicle property damage.

Could an insurance company deny my property damage claim?

Sometimes, we have clients approach us after an insurance company has denied their property damage claim. We recommend that you speak to us if you have experienced a circumstance like that. It can be very difficult to deal with insurance companies, especially if they are unwilling to help you. In cases like this, insurance companies have a responsibility to act in good faith and investigate the damage to determine what the best compensation is for you. 

When insurance companies fail to do this, they may have acted in bad faith. For bad faith insurance company information, give us a call today.

Call our Los Angeles property damage lawyers today

It takes extensive investigation and research to determine what the best steps are for you to recover compensation. For example, in some circumstances you could recover damages through an insurance claim. Other circumstances may require a civil lawsuit. 

To better determine what steps we should take for your specific case, contact our experienced attorneys

We work one-on-one with our clients and investigate the circumstances of the property damage to hold the correct party responsible.