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Los Angeles is constantly having construction projects around the county. For example, the Los Angeles International Airport is in a state of regular modernization to improve its entrances and parking facilities. The metro purple line is currently getting an extension to go towards the Westwood area. Wilshire Grand Center has a hotel and several offices that are currently under construction. With all these different projects going on, the popularity of construction sites is also increasing.

However, these construction sites can be very dangerous if devices and machinery are not handled properly. One of the most common types of equipment used at a construction site is a scaffolding. If not set up or used properly, scaffoldings can lead to serious injuries. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys represent accident victims, especially those that have been injured while on a scaffolding, or near a scaffolding. Construction sites can lead to severe injuries when there are negligent parties involved. Our top-rated Los Angeles lawyers will break down your accident to determine who the negligent party is, how we could find the negligent party responsible, and how you could get the compensation you need.

Usually, explaining a construction site’s negligence needs years of experience. Our top-rated Los Angeles lawyers have decades of experience holding construction site owners responsible for negligence. Construction site owners have several duties that they must follow. In the event that they fail to follow through with the duty, they could be held responsible under a scaffolding accident lawsuit.

We have decades of experience representing construction site accident victims. We will investigate the circumstances of your accident, and determine how the accident occurred. That is why you should have an experienced and skilled attorney on your side. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 72% of employees who are injured on a scaffold said that they did not have proper support. Scaffoldings must have proper support, or it could result in serious injury or even death.

How do scaffolding accidents happen in Los Angeles? 

Scaffolding accidents can happen in several ways. It is very important that construction site managers and supervisors follow all necessary safety rules to ensure that construction site employees use the scaffolding properly. Common causes of accidents include:

  • Improper training: usually, construction site projects must be completed with a quick turnaround time. Because of this quick turnaround time, many construction site companies may resort to quick training that is not adequate for employees. For example, scaffolding training could be rushed, or could not even happen at all.
  • Improper assembly: a scaffolding must be assembled properly. Scaffoldings usually have a manual that alerts the user how to properly set it up. If not properly set up, it could result in serious injuries or death. All parts must be secured to prevent the collapse of the scaffolding.
  • Improper maintenance: scaffoldings are not just supposed to be set up and put to the side, but should also be maintained. For example, some parts could get corroded. There should be examinations and repairs done.
  • Improper inspections: when a scaffolding has a problem, it should be inspected properly to address the issue.
  • Overloaded scaffolding: a scaffolding has a weight capacity, but, unfortunately, many users choose not to follow the weight capacity. If a scaffolding is overloaded, it could tip over.
  • Poor weather conditions: poor weather conditions like fog or high winds could lead to accidents.
  • Trip and fall hazards: usually, many construction site employees have a habit of placing their tools on or near the scaffolding. This could be a dangerous trip and fall hazard, which could lead to serious injuries or falls off the scaffolding.
  • Improper harnesses: scaffoldings must always be secured, this means that there should be rails and harnesses.
  • Improper communication: all construction site employees must work together as a team. For example, those down on the ground should be able to clearly communicate with those on a scaffolding or at other points at the construction site. If the team does not work together, it could lead to catastrophic accidents.

How can I prove a scaffolding accident?

There are several elements you may have to prove if you were injured in a scaffolding accident. But, the elements differ depending on the circumstances of the accident, and what your position was at the time of the accident. If you were an employee working at a construction site, you must show:

  • Your employer had a duty to make sure that the property was safe. As an employee in California, you are owed a duty by your employer to a safe work environment. When the employer does not guarantee a safe work environment or take safe measures, you could hold them responsible.
  • Your employer failed to follow through with this duty, and created a dangerous work environment. This differs depending on the actions your employer took. For example, if they did not properly train their employees, then they violated this duty.
  • Because of this duty violation, it now led to an accident.
  • You now suffer injuries because of this accident. These injuries could vary and could include medical injuries or injuries like lost wages.

Scaffolding Defect Lawsuit

Sometimes, the scaffolding itself may be defective, leading to an accident. Your employer could take several safety measures and make sure the property is safe, but if the scaffolding is defective, an accident is bound to happen.

In this case, you may have the right to file a product liability lawsuit. A product liability lawsuit is a claim against a product manufacturer and product retailer, and holds them responsible for creating a defective product.

What kind of compensation could I receive for a scaffolding accident in Los Angeles?

After the scaffolding accident in Los Angeles, you may ask yourself: Am I eligible to receive compensation? If you have suffered injuries from a scaffolding accident, you could recover several different types of compensation. You could recover:

  • Reduced earning capacity: this is the reduced income with any future position that you hold
  • Medical bills and expenses
  • Punitive damages: this is only awarded if a party has malicious behavior
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage 

Finding the right Los Angeles scaffolding attorney may be hard. That is why we are here to help you every step of the way. Give us a call to schedule a no-risk complimentary consultation.

Los Angeles Scaffolding Accident Attorney

Los Angeles is known for multiple construction projects going on throughout the last couple of years. Whether it is residential or commercial buildings, scaffoldings are very popular at construction sites. But, if not used properly, it could lead to accidents.

Contact our workers’ compensation attorneys to see how you could get compensated if you were an employee on the job and were injured. We always want to make sure that our clients get the proper legal care they deserve. You should not have to suffer because of another negligent party. 

Contact our top-rated lawyers to schedule a consultation and discuss your scaffolding accident. Scaffolding accidents need a proper attorney. Not all attorneys could represent you in a scaffolding accident.