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Our attorneys are dedicated to making sure that our clients get the top-rated legal care they deserve. Unfortunately, sports accidents could lead to traumatic and catastrophic injuries, which could lead to permanent injuries. These types of injuries will require thousands of dollars in medical treatments. That is why we are here to help. Unfortunately, many people who have been injured while playing sports do not even realize that they may have a claim against another party who may have caused the injuries.

There are certain circumstances where the responsibility is placed on another party to make sure that all sports players play safely and do not injure one another. In Los Angeles, you have the right to an attorney in order to hold the responsible party accountable for any injuries that you have suffered.

Have I assumed the risks if I have been injured while playing sports?

Under the legal theory called assumption of risk, the player is responsible for their own injuries since they assumed the risk. For example, if you are playing football, you assume the risk of pushing or physical contact since you know that the sport involves that kind of contact. But, there are certain circumstances where a player does not necessarily assume the risk. For example, if you are playing football, you are not assuming the risk that you will sustain traumatic brain injuries that are life-threatening and permanent. Make sure that you have an experienced attorney who will be able to fight back against any assumption of risk arguments.

Could another party be held responsible for injuries I have suffered while playing sports?

There are circumstances where injuries one has suffered while playing sports are caused by another negligent party. For example, if children are playing sports at school, and they get close to a dangerous hazard such as live electric wires, and sustain injuries, the school could be held accountable for failing to supervise the children and making sure that the property was safe at the time of the accident.

Premises Liability Lawsuits And Sports Injuries

Premises liability is a legal theory that holds the property owner accountable for any injuries that a party has suffered on their property. This is usually focused on unsafe conditions of the property, and how the unsafe conditions have caused injuries. Premises liability is a complex legal theory that should only be represented by an experienced lawyer.

  • You must prove that the property owner had a duty to make sure that the property was safe and clear from any dangerous conditions. For example, a sports arena must make sure that the field, along with the areas for spectators are properly repaired and maintained.
  • You must also prove that the property owner failed to abide by this duty. This is called a breach of the duty. You must show how the property owner failed to take any safe precautions.
  • Next, you must show that this breach led to the accident. There must be a direct causation between the accident, and the injuries.
  • The final step is to show that the injured party suffered damages. You must show exactly what type of damages you have suffered, such as physical injuries, along with any lost wages. 

Could I still file a lawsuit if I signed a waiver?

Usually, sports players sign a waiver or a release of liability prior to playing sports. This then raises the question of whether you could file a lawsuit if you signed such paperwork before playing sports. These forms are essentially limiting the injured party’s rights if they were to file a lawsuit for their injuries. However, these types of contracts do not necessarily mean that you have signed all your rights away. Contact our attorneys to see if you could recover compensation even if you have signed such documents.

What if I had been injured while watching sports in Los Angeles?

There are circumstances where a spectator who is simply watching the game has been injured. For example, the most common circumstance is a baseball spectator getting hit by a baseball that flies over the net. In such cases, property owners may be held responsible for failing to take proper precautions and placing proper nets in the vicinity.

What if I had been injured by another spectator while watching sports in Los Angeles?

There are also common instances where other spectators have been involved in physical altercations with one another. If spectators disagree on a team, they may result in physical fights, such as throwing punches or pushing one another. Facilities have a responsibility to make sure that there are proper security measures, such as security guards that are constantly maintaining and supervising the premises to prevent any type of assault or battery.

What are some injuries that are common in sports?

Usually, there is a certain set of injuries that are very common among sports players. This means include:

Who is responsible for a sports injury?

Below are some examples of parties who  could be responsible for sports injuries:

  • Sports facility owner
  • Sports facility manager
  • Team manager
  • Team owner
  • Sports equipment manufacturer
  • Schools
  • Coaches 

What if I was also negligent while playing sports?

Sometimes, the player themself could be negligent while playing sports and could injure themselves.  But, even if you were partially responsible for your injuries, you can still recover compensation. The court will still consider the actions that the player took and the effect that their independent actions had. This may reduce the amount of compensation that the injured party could receive, but this does not waive the injured party’s right to file a lawsuit against the other negligent party.

How much does a Los Angeles sports injury attorney cost?

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys work through a contingency fee arrangement, which allows our attorneys to pay for all upfront costs. You don’t have to pay for our attorneys unless we have one compensation in your favor. We specialize in making sure that our clients get top-rated legal care, especially in the event that their injuries have been caused by another negligent party. 

Los Angeles Sports Injury Attorneys Near Me

Sports injuries could be very traumatic, and cause extensive injuries that may require thousands of dollars in hospital bills. Make sure that you have an experienced and successful personal injury attorney on your side to represent you and hold the negligent party accountable for any injuries that you have sustained. Whether you are playing soccer, football, basketball, etc., you have the right to hold the other party accountable for their negligence.

Sports injuries are often difficult to prove, especially if the other party claims that you, as a sports player, assumed the risk. Our successful attorneys with a track record of wins know just what to do when it comes to holding a negligent party accountable for sports injuries that you have suffered. Contact us today and set up a free case review.