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Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles

Are you in Los Angeles and have been involved in an Uber or Lyft accident and sustained injuries? Our team of experts at Heidari Law Group are here to help.

Rideshare Accident

Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles

Uber and Lyft rideshare companies are very popular in the Los Angeles region. Many people use Uber and Lyft since they are an easy and convenient form of transportation. However, accidents do happen and can leave many people confused and stressed on what to do when involved in a rideshare car crash.

What to do if you are in a Rideshare Accident

Below is an overview of what to do if you are involved in an Uber or Lyft car accident.

  1. Write down the names of all the people involved. Get their contact information and insurance details.
  2. Find all of the witnesses and get their contact information.
  3. Take photos and videos of the accident scene. Photos of the vehicle, injuries, and any other information that would be helpful to describe the accident.
  4. The police and emergency responders should also be contacted to make sure nobody was injured.

Do you need a Rideshare (Uber / Lyft) Lawyer?

Yes, a well-experienced lawyer with Uber and Lyft accidents will be the most helpful for you to understand your case. Most people don’t know if they need a lawyer to help them with their rideshare accident. Whether the accident happened with Uber or Lyft, you are entitled to possible compensation if you were injured. Our experienced attorneys with rideshare accidents will guide you through the process.

Are Uber or Lyft Drivers a Contractor or Employee?

Rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft have always categorized their drivers as contractors. However, since the state of California passed the Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) or the “gig worker bill” was signed in September 2019, and took effect in January 1, 2020, many contractors have now been reclassified as employees. The AB5 was created and designed to regulate businesses that hire people to do small gigs, but at a large scale. This in effect targeted companies such as Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, etc. This will work in your favor since these drivers are considered employees, instead of contractors.

Uber and Lyft Insurance Coverage Information

Uber and Lyft have different time periods set when a driver is covered by their insurance. Both of these rideshare companies are covered up to $1 million in liability coverage. But we need to understand which period the driver was in when the accident occurred.

  • Period 0 – This is when the driver is offline and is covered by their own auto insurance policy.
  • Period 1 – The App is on and the driver is waiting for a ride request for pickup.
  • Period 2 – The App has matched the driver with a pickup and is on the way to the pickup location.
  • Period 3 – The Passenger is in the vehicle and is active until the passenger is dropped off.

Most rideshare companies have general insurance coverage information available on their website.

Experienced Attorneys in Los Angeles for your Rideshare Accident

At Heidari Law Group, we are ready to help if you have been involved in a Uber or Lyft rideshare auto accident. Our experienced team of attorneys understands the obstacles you can face with your rideshare accident. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Source: LAPD Traffic Collision Data/Los Angeles County GIS Data Portal

If you were recently involved in a car (auto) accident, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Heidari Law Group. Our team is ready to help.

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