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Los Angeles Airplane Accident Attorney

Get the compensation you deserve with the experienced team of aviation accident attorneys.

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California Aviation & Airline Attorney

If you or a loved one have experienced injuries in an airplane crash, please contact our experienced airplane accident attorneys today for a free no-risk consultation to determine if you have a valid claim for your injuries. We will work to ensure you obtain maximum compensation for injuries sustained in an airplane accident. While you focus on healing, we will take care of the legal hurdles for you.

An airplane crash can involve multiple parties, making the legal claims process complex and sometimes creating difficulty in determining liability. For example, the pilot, the plane manufacturer, or the airport commanders could be at fault depending on the airplane accident. Our skilled airline accident attorneys will assist you in gathering all the evidence to best determine liability to pursue compensation.

Although plane crashes are much rarer than car or train disasters, aviation accidents are still more common than most believe. In 2012, there were over 1,500 aviation accidents that took place in the United States alone. Serious injuries and fatalities are not uncommon, but the victims and their families are entitled to compensation for the difficulties they endure because of a plane crash. Airline accidents also often include multiple parties who have been injured, and so there may be multiple claims made against an airline. Sometimes, victims can come together to file a class action lawsuit against the liable party.

Many airlines limit the amount they can be sued for in case of a crash or an injury to $75,000, but with the help of an experienced aviation accident attorney in California, you may be able to recover more in damages if your legal team can prove that the airline acted in a negligent way which caused the accident.

Oftentimes, airplane accidents get a lot of publicity, and so the airline company may want to settle as soon as possible to prevent any tarnishing to their name. Airline accident claims usually never go to trial. However, airline accident cases may take years until the parties finish discovery and come to a settlement agreement. That is why it is very important to hire an experienced airplane accident attorney. Our aggressive airline accident attorneys will constantly work to make sure everything is done on time, and our clients always stay in the loop with every step. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing airline accident victims, and we will work to seek justice for you and make sure you are compensated for your airline accident injuries.

How to Find the Right Plane Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

The regulations for private, military, and commercial planes are all different, so you should try to find a lawyer who has experience with the type of aviation law that pertains to the type of plane that crashed. You will also want to find an attorney who is knowledgeable about personal injury laws where the court is located. Our attorneys have experience practicing in California and Nevada, and are always accessible to our clients through phone, email, or in person.

You want to look for a personal injury attorney who:

  • Has a good reputation for and case history with plane crash settlements;
  • Understands the elements necessary for building a strong negligence case;
  • Has a track record of being able to recover large compensation payments for their clients;
  • Works with all parties including those who manufacture the plane and its parts, the commercial airline corporations, the insurance companies handling the case, and any opposing counsel;
  • Works on a contingency fee basis, or won’t request payment until compensation has been received.

A lawyer may also be able to help you get in touch with other victims of the aviation accident in cases where a class action lawsuit may be suitable.

Common Causes of Plane Accidents

Although an airline accident could be a bit complicated, causes for an airline accident are not so many. There are only a couple causes for an airplane crash. The most common causes for aviation mishaps include:

  • Human piloting error
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Negligence in air traffic control
  • Flaws made in assumptions
  • Design or programming defects
  • Faulty maintenance or repair
  • Pre-existing failures
  • Hazardous cargo
  • Exhaustion of fuel
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Engine or structural failure
  • Confusion of avionics equipment
  • Excursions during landing or takeoff

When it comes to the biggest factors that cause airplanes to crash, pilot error, mechanical failures, and bad weather account for most of the accidents. Pilot error is responsible for over 50% of plane crashes, mechanical issues for 20%, and the weather has caused around 10% of crashes.

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What Should I Do If I Have Been Involved in a Plane Crash?

Immediately after being involved in a plane accident, it is important to seek medical care. Even if you do not experience any pain, it is important to still see a medical provider to determine if you have any hidden injuries such as broken bones. If you do not seek medical care immediately, then the other party may use that to show you aggravated your injuries even more by neglecting to get medical care. Sometimes, many injured victims don’t even feel they are injured immediately because of the rush and panic of the accident.

After seeking medical assistance, contact an experienced airplane accident attorney. Your attorney will ask for important information regarding your airplane flight, such as the flight number and when the flight was supposed to take off. It is important that you document all this information about your flight. The more evidence that has been gathered, the easier it may be to seek liability from the other party.

Speak to an experienced airplane accident attorney today to discuss your different legal options and get just compensation you deserve.

Get Help from an Experienced Aviation Accident Lawyer in California Today

If you or someone you know was injured during an aviation accident, compensation may be available for cases where others are at fault for causing the crash. Our team of aviation accident lawyers has helped thousands of victims from across the nation get the restitution they deserve from airline accidents.

At Heidari Law Group, we have experience with the different fields of aviation accident law and can help you organize & build your case with knowledgeable legal representation. From Sacramento County to Los Angeles County, we’ve helped residents from across California get the compensation they deserve. It is important to hire an experienced attorneys who has dealt with aviation liability before.

Our firm deals with several different aviation cases. Not only does aviation cases include airplane accidents, but also getting injured by an airplane part or getting injured while in an airport. If you have been involved in any of the accidents, contact our skilled attorneys today. We will always put our clients’ best interests above all else when litigating such claims.

We understand that airplane accidents are a tragedy, especially if you have lost a loved one in an airplane accident. Our attorneys will handle the legal hurdles for you. Our firm has represented victims and family members of aviation accidents against large airline corporations for decades. Give us a call at 1-833-225-5454 or send us an email at info@heidarilawgroup.com to get in touch with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer today.

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