Axe Throwing Injuries in Los Angeles

Axe throwing can be a great activity for families or a group of friends. Recently, there has been a large number of axe-throwing facilities opening in and around Los Angeles. Although it is a great game, if not executed properly, it can result in catastrophic injuries, such as amputations or death. 

If you or someone you know has been involved in an axe-throwing accident in Los Angeles, contact our top-rated Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for more information on how we can help you.

Who is responsible for my axe-throwing injuries in Los Angeles?

  1. The Axe-Throwing Facility
    • The axe-throwing facility is usually the number one party that is responsible for any axe-throwing accident injuries. The axe-throwing facility has a duty, and cannot be negligent. For example, the axe-throwing facility has a duty to make sure that they follow all regulations, and constantly make sure that the facility is maintained. There are numerous regulations in place by the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration. OSHA has specific safety rules that they recommend all businesses practice. By law, California places a duty to axe-throwing business owners to make sure that no one is injured on the property. If the axe-throwing company fails to follow these regulations, they have breached this duty.
    • Once the injured party proves that the axe-throwing facility had a duty and breached this duty, the injured must then have to show how this breach caused the axe-throwing accident. The party filing the lawsuit must also prove how they have now suffered damages and injuries because the business owner failed to follow these regulations. This can be a bit tricky at first, especially when trying to show exactly what duty the business owner failed to follow. Contact our experienced Los Angeles accident attorneys for more information on how you can hold the business responsible for the injuries that you have suffered.
  2. Axe Throwing Employee
    • An employee must always make sure that they follow the rules and regulations that have been provided to them by their employer. When they fail to do so, they have breached this duty that they owe to the customer. An employee is hired to supervise other customers, while also making sure that the property is safe. For example, axes left on the floor can be a substantial tripping or slipping hazard. If other customers engage in horseplay, it can result in substantial injury to other customers in the facility as well. In other cases, an employee is responsible for training customers on how to properly throw the axe. If they fail to do so, inexperienced act throwers can cause severe injuries.
    • An employee can be held responsible for the injuries that you have suffered from axe throwing. However, usually, the employer is held responsible for the acts of the employee through vicarious liability. Vicarious liability is a legal theory that explains that the employer is responsible in the event that their employees have acted negligently while on the job. 
  3. Other Axe Throwers
    • Other axe throwers could also be held responsible if they engaged in horseplay, and caused injury. Ask stores have a duty to one another to make sure that they throw the axe safely. If they fail to do so, it may result in substantial injuries. An injured party may hold the axe thrower responsible through a civil lawsuit filed in court.
  4. Property Owner
    • A property owner may also be responsible under a premises liability theory. Premises liability holds property owners and those who control the property responsible for any injuries that occur on the property. A landowner is responsible for making sure that the property is safe. If a landowner leased out their property to an axe-throwing facility and knew that the facility did not have proper procedures in place, then the landowner can also be held responsible.

What should I do to prevent axe-throwing injuries?

  • An axe-throwing facility must have safety regulations in place. Safety should be the number one priority. Because of this, axe-throwing facilities should make sure that there are no objects lying on the floor, and that walls and floors are properly maintained since damage can occur.
  • At all employees should be stationed in a single area to supervise the area. There should be someone supervising at all times.
  • Many axe-throwing facilities have now started to implement age restrictions that only allow those above the age of 21 to throw the axes.
  • Axe-throwing facilities should refrain from selling alcohol in the event that customers get drunk and throw the axe around. 
  • There should be proper guidelines in place and proper training to make sure that all ox throwers understand what they are doing.
  • As listed above, there are several different ways a business can prevent axe-throwing accidents and injuries in Los Angeles. Although there are several rules in place, many businesses still fail to follow them which can lead to severe injuries like amputations, lacerations, broken bones, etc.

What type of injuries result from axe throwing?

  • Traumatic brain injuries and head injuries: these can occur when the axe is thrown at someone’s head. Usually, traumatic brain injuries may lead to permanent cognitive issues.
  • Hand injuries: hand injuries occur when the axe is not thrown properly.  The accident could pull a muscle or injure a tendon.
  • Lacerations: in the event that the blade comes into contact with any part of someone’s skin, it may result in lacerations.
  • Broken bones: broken bones can result from trip and fall or slip and fall accidents.

How much do our axe-throwing injury attorneys cost?

Our axe-throwing injury attorneys have no upfront costs. Our personal injury attorneys only recover compensation when we win compensation. This means that our clients can place their trust in our attorneys, and rely upon our attorneys while we handle all negotiations. The injured victims should not have to worry about how they are going to pay for an attorney.  We always want to make sure that our clients are not stressed, and we take care of them. 

What will our Los Angeles attorneys do?

  • Our Los Angeles attorneys will investigate the circumstances of the axe-throwing incident. There usually needs to be an investigation done to determine who the liable parties are. For example, the axe-throwing facility could be held responsible if they do not have rules and regulations in place to prevent an accident. 
  • We will work hand in hand with accident experts to piece together exactly how the accident may have happened.
  • We will fight on your behalf to make sure that you are able to hold the negligent party accountable for the injuries that you have suffered. 

Why should an axe-throwing facility have regulations?

Axe throwing can be very dangerous, which is why axe-throwing facilities and business owners must make sure that all customers and employees follow the law. Many of the people engaging in axe throwing might be doing so for the first time. Because many are inexperienced, the likelihood of an accident is very high.

If you or a loved one have been injured while throwing axes, our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are here to help you. Contact us today for a free consultation and review of your case.