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There are several California laws in place meant to protect Los Angeles employees. Our attorneys understand that there are certain circumstances where an employer may not necessarily follow all laws and regulations. This then results in a wage dispute. If you have experienced a wage dispute with your employer, give our top-rated Los Angeles employment lawyers a call today to discuss how you could get compensated properly.

Our employment attorneys have decades of experience, and work to make sure that our clients get the help that they need. We understand how stressful it could be for an employer to withhold your payments, not only for you but for your family as well. All workers have the right to be paid for their work, and must also be given proper breaks.

Minimum Wage Violations

Minimum wage violations are one of the most common types of wage disputes in Los Angeles. Los Angeles throughout the years has increased the minimum wage per hour. This minimum wage is meant to assist employees and keep up with the cost of living. Minimum wage laws are constantly changing in Los Angeles. Especially in Los Angeles County, there are various cities, such as West Hollywood that have increased minimum wage on their own.

If your employer denies paying you minimum wage and pays you lower than minimum wage, you may have a right to file a lawsuit against your employer for a wage dispute. Contact us to see how you may be eligible for compensation for this labor violation. We want to make sure that our clients feel comfortable when speaking to us about any violations that their employer has committed. 


Under California law, an employee must be reimbursed for any workplace costs that have been directed by their supervisor manager. For example, if you are visiting a different city for work, and you have hotel costs, these hotel costs must be reimbursed by the employer. The employee visited the area simply because of work. If work responsibilities were not given to the employee, the employee would not have had the hotel costs. If you believe that your employer has not paid you or reimbursed you for any costs that you have paid for personally for work, you have the right to hold your employer responsible.

Bonus Pay

Often, some employers promise employees bonus pay. For example, some employers may promise employees that if they sell products up to a certain amount, they could receive a percent bonus. If an employee follows through with these rules and accomplishes the tasks, and the employer fails to pay the employee the bonus, then the employee has the right to file a lawsuit for wage disputes and lost wages. Bonus pay holds the employer accountable for any promises that they have made to their employees.

Overtime Pay

All employers must compensate an employee for working overtime hours. Overtime is paid a time and a half of whatever the employee was making hourly.


There should be a  meal break within the first 5 hours of an employee’s shift. There should also be a rest break during the 3.5 and 6 hours within the employee’s work day. If an employer denies an employee meal breaks or rest breaks, then the employee has the right to file a lawsuit for wage disputes.

Unpaid Wages

There are also circumstances where an employer has not paid the employee on time. An employer is required to pay their employees bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly depending on the employment contract. When an employer feels to pay their employee, and time lapses, an employee has the right to file a lawsuit against their employer for these wages.

Employment Classification

There are also circumstances where an employee is misclassified. This means that an employee could be misclassified as a contract employee common independent contractor, salary employee, or hourly employee. An employee who is an hourly employee could be misclassified as an independent contractor. 

An employer may want to do this so they could refrain from paying out the employee any benefits, including insurance, along with overtime wages. If you believe you have been misclassified as an independent contractor, when you are actually an hourly employee, give us a call today.

The difference between an independent contractor and an hourly employee is the degree of control. An independent contractor usually has the right to set their own hours and have their own materials when working. An hourly employee is set to a certain number of hours by their employer.

Private Attorneys General Act

The Private Attorneys General Act is a way for an employee to report any labor and safety violations that their employer has taken part in to the California government officials. The government officials will then investigate the circumstances of the violation. The Private Attorneys General Act is a government claim and is not necessarily a civil lawsuit. 

This means that an employee will not be able to recover compensation, but we’ll be able to hold their employer responsible. You could also file a personal civil lawsuit filed in court against your employer. For more information, contact our employment attorneys on how to move forward.

What type of evidence will I need to prove a wage dispute?

Each wage dispute is different from one another, so we are not really able to give you a specific piece of evidence that will be used in your wage dispute lawsuit. But, generally, below are some examples of evidence we will use:

  • Pay stubs: pay stubs are a great way to prove how much compensation you have received in the past, and the number of hours you have worked.
  • Time clock sheet: time clock sheets are a great way of proving the number of hours that the employee worked. Sometimes, an employer may try to fight back and deny that the employee ever worked. Having these timesheets is a great way of proving the hours worked.
  • Company policy: the company policy and company handbook are used to show how the company should handle specific circumstances.

How do our wage dispute attorneys get paid?

Many people think that hiring an attorney is a difficult process, and may avoid looking into the process altogether. But our attorneys try to make the process as easy as possible. Our wage dispute attorneys get paid through a contingency fee agreement. A contingency fee agreement allows our attorneys to front all the costs associated with your claim so you do not have to worry about paying for your lawsuit. We will handle all fees, and will only recover compensation when we win compensation for you. 

We want to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible when explaining to us their circumstances. That is why we try to make this legal process as easy as possible. We do not take any upfront fees, and we offer case evaluations that are essentially risk-free. It is a great way to get to know our attorneys and ask any questions that you may have. Call us today to schedule your one-on-one consultation.

Wage Dispute Attorney In Los Angeles

If you believe your employer has been withholding your compensation, give us a call today to discuss. We will have a complimentary case evaluation to discuss the circumstances of your case and determine if your employer could be held responsible. 

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