Las Vegas Whistleblower Retaliation Lawyers

Employees have rights granted under both Federal and Nevada law. Employees who speak up against an employer’s unlawful practices should not be retaliated against by their employer. When an employee is retaliated against or mistreated because the employee exercised their rights, the employee has a valid legal retaliation claim against their employer.

An employee may be able to receive compensation from their employer for a variety of damages such as lost wages, attorneys’ fees, and emotional distress as a result of the retaliation faced.

If you have blown the whistle on a corporate wrongdoing that your employer engaged in, and your employer retaliated against you by firing you, demoting you, or decreasing your pay, you have the ability to file a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit against your employer. It is very important to hire an experienced Las Vegas attorney that is aware of both Nevada and federal law that protects whistleblowers.

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Who can file a whistleblower claim?

A whistleblower claim is almost always filed by an insider employee who works for the company, and has experienced and seen evidence of the illegal wrongdoing by the employer. Other employees could also join in on the whistleblower claim. 

Nevada Whistleblower Protection Laws

Section 250 of the Nevada False Claims Act protects employees who report fraud with government contracts.

Federal Whistleblower Protection Laws

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforces a variety of whistleblower protections to employees who report any unlawful behavior engaged in by their employer.

Examples of Whistleblower Cases

Whistleblower cases can take place in many different ways; however the most common ways employers engage in bad faith practices include:

  • Submitting fraudulent medicare or medicaid bills
  • Submitting fraudulent tax returns
  • Submitting fraudulent stock options
  • Violating environmental laws
  • Advertising a fraudulent product or device
  • Defrauding the government 
  • Using illegal labor
  • Misclassifying employees
  • Paying employees less than the minimum wage
  • Not providing employees mandatory breaks
  • Hiring unlicensed contractors or unlicensed Personnel
  • Excessively billing clients or customers without justification
  • Mistreating employees

If your employer has engaged in any of the above practices, you have a valid right to blow the whistle against your employer. If you blow the whistle against your employer, your employer has no right to retaliate against you for speaking up about the injustices. If you have been retaliated against by your employer for speaking up, Contact our Las Vegas whistleblower retaliation attorneys today.

Examples Of Whistleblower Retaliation

Retaliating against the whistleblower can be done in many different ways by an employer. An employee has the right to file a lawsuit against your employer if they have experienced:

  • Demotion
  • Firing 
  • Denying of a promotion
  • Reassignment of a position 
  • Harassment
  • Decrease in wages

When do I have to file my whistleblower or retaliation claim in Nevada?

According to Nevada law, an employee may file a lawsuit within two years of the retaliatory action by the employer. It is important that you act quickly, because the longer you wait, the more likely you could risk getting your entire whistleblower retaliation claim dismissed. 

How much do our whistleblower attorneys cost?

Our Las Vegas whistleblower retaliation attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means until our attorneys win a settlement or judgment in your favor, you do not have to pay for our attorneys upfront. Our attorneys will not take any fees upfront until we litigate your claim and reach a settlement or a judgment in your favor. We understand that facing whistleblower retaliation could be very stressful, emotionally and financially. This means that many employees do not have the necessary funds to hire an attorney out right.

Our contingency fee agreement allows our Las Vegas discrimination attorneys to pursue your legal claims for you without you having to worry about any of the costs upfront.

Qui Tam Claims

 A Qui Tam lawsuit is a specific type of whistleblower retaliation claim. This occurs when an employer commits fraud against a government agency in order to receive some type of monetary gain. If the employee is aware of this fraud, and reports the fraud, they could receive some type of award from the government for speaking up against the fraudulent activity. In order to receive some type of award, the fraudulent claim needs to be proven through an investigation. If you believe you have a Qui Tam claim against your employer, contact our experienced top-rated Las Vegas Employment lawyers today. 

Why hire our Las Vegas whistleblower retaliation attorneys?

  • Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you do not have to pay for our attorneys upfront unless we win a settlement or judgment in your favor.
  • Our attorneys have decades of experience representing whistleblowers who have been retaliated against by their employer for speaking up.
  • Our attorneys have strong connections with top whistleblower experts.
  • Our attorneys treat each whistleblower retaliation claim individually since we understand that each whistleblower claim may not be the same. 
  • We are available 24/7 to address any of your questions or concerns regarding your whistleblower retaliation claim.

Consult an Experienced Las Vegas Team

Contact our Las Vegas discrimination attorneys for a free no risk consultation to discuss your whistleblower retaliation claim. Whistleblower retaliation claims are a very complex legal theory, and it is very important that you have strong evidence to back up your legal claim. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing Las Vegas victims who have been retaliated against by their employer for speaking up against any injustice. Get in touch with our attorneys today to determine how you can receive compensation.

If you are a whistleblower, you are protected under both Nevada and federal laws. It is important to act quickly, since there may be a statute of limitations on your claim. Our attorneys are available to assist you, and are committed to taking on cases that we truly believe in. If you are concerned about being retaliated against by your employer for blowing the whistle against the company, there are several federal and state laws that will be able to protect you. 

Our attorneys understand both Federal and Nevada laws that relate to whistleblower protections, and are available 24/7 to take on any questions you may have. We discuss your concerns during our final risk consultation, and determine whether you have a case. 

Our attorneys will help you navigate through the legal process, and will provide individualized attention to your whistleblower retaliation claim. We understand then no retaliation claim is the same. No employee deserves to be retaliated or discriminated against for simply doing the right thing. Other than workplace retaliation, our Las Vegas employment law attorneys also have dealt with:

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