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Las Vegas, Nevada is a popular city that has thousands of tourists each year. There are several different activities to do in the city, from driving exotic luxury vehicles to swimming in extravagant pools.  Unfortunately, accidents are bound to occur. In the event that you have been injured while in Las Vegas, give our attorneys a call to discuss your case.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

Having an experienced attorney on your side will ease the process with the stressful situation and environment that an accident may cause. Our personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas have assisted thousands of clients who have been injured while in Las Vegas. You should not have to pay out of pocket for your injuries, especially if it was caused by a negligent party. Give us a call today to discuss the different options that you may have. Because “personal injury” is such a vague term, several accidents fall under personal injury.

What is Personal Injury in Las Vegas?

Personal injury is a  legal term used to refer to accidents that happen and the injuries that result. In order to file a personal injury lawsuit against another party, there are several different elements that you must have to meet. The elements differ depending on the cause of the accident, along with the injuries. Some elements are:

  • Negligence from the other party
  • The other party caused your injuries
  • You suffered injuries

What Cases are under Personal Injury in Las Vegas?

Personal injury includes circumstances where a party has been injured. This is a general idea that includes the below injuries:

Why Should You Hire Our Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer?

  • Our lawyers will investigate your claim to determine how the accident happened and who is liable. We will gather evidence to build a strong case in your favor. We have a skilled investigation team and have several different relationships with expert accident investigators that will help us.
  • We aggressively fight for your rights to help you get a larger settlement or judgment amount. When you are not represented by a Las Vegas personal injury attorney, insurance companies may try to take advantage of you.
  • Personal injury lawsuits could get very complicated, especially if there’s a large number of medical bills, or if there are multiple parties involved. Having a seasoned professional will help determine what amount you could potentially receive in a personal injury lawsuit.
  • It could be very hard to negotiate with insurance companies. Insurance companies sometimes try to use bad faith tactics. In Nevada, all insurance companies must act in good faith, but there is always the possibility that they fail to accept a settlement amount, or try to delay the process as long as possible in order to avoid paying out.
  • Our experienced personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee arrangement and do not get any compensation from clients upfront unless we win a settlement or a judgment.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some examples of questions our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys receive. Keep in mind that each circumstance is different from one another because accidents could differ, and injuries could differ. To get specialized assistance, give us a call today. 

What Should I Do After I Have Been Involved in an Accident In Las Vegas?

  1. After being involved in an accident in Las Vegas, you should report your accident to the police. The Las Vegas police department will create an incident report. The police report provides extra supplemental information regarding the incident, and all the potential parties involved.
  2. Seek medical care immediately after being involved in an accident in Las Vegas. Although you may not feel as if you are injured after an accident, it is the adrenaline you are feeling, that will wear away after a couple of days. Medical specialists may also discover injuries that may come forward later on, such as a traumatic brain injury.
  3.  Gather evidence regarding your accident claim. The more evidence you have about the accident, the more it will work in your favor for a lawsuit.
  4. Contact our experienced and top-rated personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas to discuss your claim, and how we can help you. It is very important to hire an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. Our attorneys have decades of practice representing clients in settlements and in trial.

When Should I File My Accident Lawsuit in Las Vegas?

Each state has a different statute of limitations for each accident. This is a time limit on when you could file a lawsuit. If you file your lawsuit after this time limit, then your lawsuit will be dismissed in court, and you will lose your right to compensation. Usually, the time limit for filing a lawsuit in Nevada is 2 years from the date of the accident and when you suffered injuries. But, this circumstance could differ depending on the type of accident.

Can I Sue for a Car Accident in Las Vegas?

Yes, in Nevada, you have the right to file a lawsuit against a party that has acted negligently, and you then suffered injuries because of them. When you file a lawsuit against them, you hold them accountable for all the damages that you are owed. The damages can differ depending on the severity of your injuries.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney For My Las Vegas Accident?

In Nevada, it is not required that you have an attorney by your side when filing all the paperwork for a lawsuit, or even a claim with your insurance company. But, it is very helpful to have an attorney representing you, especially because different parties will try to reach out to you in order to get the statement from you.

What Should I Look for When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas?

  • Experience
  • Successful track record
  • Communication
  • Passion

How Much is My Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawsuit Worth? 

In order to provide our clients with a better idea as to how much their lawsuit is worth, we recommend that you get in touch with our top-rated Las Vegas attorneys today. Once we have reviewed the details, we will then determine how much your lawsuit is worth. 

What Damages Could I Recover from My Las Vegas Personal Injury Claim?

You could recover a variety of damages depending on the circumstances of the accident. Under Nevada law, a defendant that is negligent and caused the accident is responsible for a variety of damages, including: 

  • Medical bills
  • Hospital bills
  • Lost wages
  • Future lost income
  • Loss of society
  • Loss of services
  • Loss of consortium
  • Burial services
  • Funeral costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Property damage (vehicle damage)
  • Attorney’s fees

How Do I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas?

When you come into our office for a free no risk consultation, we will review all the details of your accident (parties involved, injuries you suffered, where it occurred, etc.). We will then explain what the next steps may be. Once we sign an agreement with you, we will then move forward with your lawsuit to make sure you get the help and justice you deserve.

When hiring an attorney, keep in mind that experience is everything. You want to make sure that the attorney you are hiring has represented a client with a similar injury and incident in the past. It could be very difficult to navigate through the legal process, especially if you have hired an attorney that is not so experienced.

How Much Do Our Las Vegas Attorneys Cost?

Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you do not have to pay for our attorneys upfront until we win the settlement or judgment in your favor. 

What Do Our Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

Some steps our Las Vegas attorneys will take include:

  • Filing all necessary documents with Nevada Clark County Court
  • Dealing with the insurance company
  • Dealing with the negligent  party
  • Investigate your legal claim
  • Interview witnesses
  • Determine the compensation you need
  • Negotiate with the third party
  • Go to trial

Contact Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas Today

We have the expertise and skill to practice in Las Vegas and hold those parties accountable for the injuries that you have suffered. We represent you in all Court motions and negotiations, to make sure that your interests are always protected. Our highly qualified Heidari law attorneys will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your lawsuit is being taken care of by a skilled legal team.

As an injured victim, you have rights in the legal system, and our Las Vegas attorneys are available 24/7 to protect those rights. Contact Heidari Law Group today for a free case evaluation.

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