Garage Door Accident Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas houses several thousands of residents, and this number increased during the covid-19 pandemic as many residents started to move into the state of Nevada. The majority of properties in Las Vegas are homes rather than apartment complexes. Garage door accidents may not seem that common, but they are one of the top accidents that could occur at home. Given the large size and heavy weight of a garage door, severe accidents are also very likely to result when a mechanism in a garage door fails to work properly.

Although many people do not think of garage doors causing an accident, they can result in around 20,000 injuries in the country each year. Usually, garage door accidents occur when the garage door fails to properly work all of a sudden, and the homeowner had no notice of the garage door having any problems.

How do garage door accidents occur in Las Vegas?

  • The garage door window falls, and shards of glass can injure the victim. This could lead to amputations, scarring and disfigurement. These injuries may need treatment by a plastic surgeon, and the victim may suffer emotional distress from the scarring.
  • Getting stuck under a garage door. One of the most common instances occurs when the garage door opener sensor does not properly work, and someone is caught between the door and the floor. This could result in severe injuries, such as broken bones.
  • A garage door may not stay on its track, and may close abruptly. 
  • When a garage door abruptly closes, your hands or fingers could get caught in the door, and could crush your hand, which could lead to permanent injuries, even amputations.

What type of lawsuit could I file for my garage door accident injuries in Las Vegas?

There are different types of claims that you could file if you have been injured from a garage door. This includes:

  • Premises liability claims: premises liability is a legal claim filed against a property owner or a manager. In this case, the victim could file a lawsuit against this party for failing to maintain the garage door on their property. The most common example includes a landlord and tenant lawsuit. If a tenant is injured from a garage door on the landlord’s property, they could potentially hold the landlord responsible.
  • Product liability: this type of claim is filed specifically for defects. If the garage door opener had a defect at the time of the accident, then the injured parties could recover from the product retailer and product manufacturer. 

Can a garage door cause death?

A garage door accident could result in injuries enough to cause death. A person might get crushed by the heavy weight of the garage door. Younger children are likely to sustain severe injuries, even death if they are caught between the garage door and the floor.  Unfortunately, garage doors are attractive to young children, and children are likely to play under the garage door, or misuse it by constantly clicking the on off switch. 

In the case that you have lost a loved one from a garage door accident, you have the right to file a wrongful death claim against the responsible party. A wrongful death claim is filed so that family members are able to receive compensation on behalf of the deceased, along with expenses when dealing with the funeral and burial.

What if I was also responsible for my garage door accident?

In some cases, the victim who has been injured in a garage door accident could be themselves responsible for causing injuries. But, this does not necessarily mean that the victim can no longer file a lawsuit. In Nevada, comparative negligence laws state that the victim could still recover even if they were partially responsible for the injuries.

For example, if you negligently installed the garage door, but the garage door accident was caused by a defect, you could still recover compensation from the product manufacturer or retailer. This requires a highly qualified attorney’s assistance. Give our Las Vegas lawyers a call today to review your negligence, and how your damages could be reduced. 

How can I prevent garage door injuries in Las Vegas?

There are specific steps that you could take to make sure that any future garage door accidents are prevented. Some examples include:

  • Make sure that your garage door is constantly maintained. This may require the assistance of a third-party garage door maintenance company.
  • Do not allow children to play near the garage door.
  • Always make sure that hands and feet are out of the way of the garage door track.
  • Usually, garage doors have a safety reverse feature that reverses the garage door track in the case that the sensor detects that someone is near the garage door.
  • If you are not knowledgeable about installation of garage doors, do not attempt to install the garage door yourself.
  • Make sure that the red light sensors are working. We recommend that you check this once a month.
  • If you notice any sounds, such as creaking coming from the garage door track, give a garage door inspector a call. 

What type of compensation could I recover for my garage door accident?

You can recover a variety of compensation, including:

  • Medical treatment, including hospital bills, medication, physical therapy, and any future medical bills that you may need
  • Past lost income from the time you were injured
  • Future lost income if the injuries will result in permanent injuries and affect your future work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress caused by the injuries

Who is responsible for a garage door accident in Las vegas? 

  • Homeowner 
  • Contractor 
  • Property manager 
  • Third party garage door inspector 
  • Garage door retailer 
  • Garage door manufacturer

How do I prove an accident against a garage door maintenance company?

If you are filing a lawsuit against a garage door maintenance company, you must have to show that: 

  • The party who installed or maintained the garage door had a duty to make sure that they acted safely, and to prevent any future accidents. 
  • The party installing or maintaining the garage door failed to take the necessary safety measures, and carelessly installed the garage door.
  • Since the party failed to take the necessary safety measures, they have now caused an accident.
  • The victim now has sustained severe injuries as a result of the garage door accident. 

Garage Door Injury Attorney 

Have you been injured in a garage door accident in Las Vegas? Call our highly-qualified lawyers today for a free case evaluation. We work tirelessly to make sure that those injured from a garage door accident get the compensation they deserve. A home is supposed to make you feel safe, and it could be a very traumatic experience to be injured at home. Not only are you able to recover compensation for your physical injuries, but you could also recover compensation for the emotional distress that you have suffered. Give us a call today to discuss your case.