Wrongful Death by Fire Attorneys in Las Vegas

Our top-rated attorneys will help you get the care your family needs. We recommend that you speak to us immediately if you have lost a loved one from a fire or a burn injury in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

There are several different types of compensation that your family could receive, including the medical expenses of the deceased, the loss of income to the family, property damages, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium to name a few. But to determine the liability, and the compensation that you could receive, we recommend that you contact our legal team today.

Unfortunately, fires are common in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to the Nevada Fire Department, there are around 2.3 deaths and 7.2 injuries every 1,000 fires in a single year. When it comes to residential structure fires in Nevada, there are around 4.8 deaths every 1,000 fires. There are also around 40 injuries for every 1,000 fires. There were around 11 fatalities reported in Nevada by the news media.

Most fires in Nevada occur in residential homes; the second most common occur in vehicle accidents. 

Given the desert heat, it is very common for a fire to occur in a residential structure. Contact us if you have lost a loved one in such a circumstance. We know that it is not easy to go through an experience like this, especially for your loved ones to grieve a loss that was caused by another negligent party. We will be by your side every step of the way to make sure that you get the help you need. 

Who is eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Nevada?

Under Nevada law, all heirs of the deceased have a right to file a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased for a wrongful death claim. The heirs will include the spouse of the deceased, the children of the deceased, or the parents of the deceased.

When should I file my wrongful death by fire lawsuit?

Under Nevada law, you have 2 years from the date of the death to file a wrongful death by fire claim or lawsuit. This is also known as a statute of limitations, and Nevada courts take statute of limitations very seriously. If you fail to file your wrongful death claim within the statute of limitations, you and your family will lose the right to get compensated. 

Why should I hire a Las Vegas fire accident attorney?

  • Our Las Vegas wrongful death attorneys are dedicated to making sure that our clients get the compensation that they need. Fire-related accidents could lead to catastrophic injuries, oftentimes even death. When this happens because of another negligent party, you should not have to suffer. Your family deserves compensation immediately. We have represented individuals who have lost their loved ones in accidents and handled various different cases, including product liability, premises liability, along with negligence cases.
  • We have experience in Nevada law, along with experience litigating in favor of our clients. We have a successful track record of holding negligent parties responsible for their actions.

What do I have to prove in a wrongful death-fire lawsuit?

Often, fire is a result of negligence. Negligence occurs when another party acts negligently and is held responsible through a claim or lawsuit. Negligence is proven by showing:

  • The responsible party had a duty to the deceased
  • The responsible party failed to follow through with this duty to the deceased
  • The accident was cause by responsible party’s breach of duty
  • The accident led to the damages suffered by the victim

What are examples of negligence?

  • Defective products: a product manufacturer could be held responsible for a defective product or appliance that caused a fire and led to death.
  • Improperly designed homes: a contractor or engineer could be held responsible for a home that is not properly designed, or electrical wires are not properly set up.
  • Car accidents: car accidents can cause fire and death. This is especially true in accidents involving large trucks carrying hazardous and flammable materials. 
  • Negligence while cooking: those residing in their homes can cause fires through cooking negligence.
  • Gas leaks: gas leaks that are not corrected could lead to explosions and fires.
  • Wildfires: wildfires caused by arson may not necessarily fall under negligence, but instead under a malicious intent from the responsible party. 

Can I afford a Nevada wrongful death attorney?

Our Nevada wrongful death by fire attorneys work with a contingency fee agreement when it comes to helping our clients. We strive to make sure that we work the hardest to get our clients the highest maximum compensation.  

Another great benefit to hiring our Heidari law attorneys is that you do not have to pay for our attorney’s costs upfront. In fact, our Nevada attorneys will pay for all the costs upfront. You only pay attorney fees when we win compensation for you. 

What will happen in a wrongful death lawsuit in Nevada?

A wrongful death lawsuit is a way for the family of a loved one to receive financial compensation. They could receive a variety of damages, including funeral costs, pension benefits, and lost wages that the deceased was eligible for. Besides the financial compensation, the family members could also receive compensation for the emotional toll that the death of their loved one took. 

Wrongful death is essentially similar to a negligence lawsuit but requires extensive evidence and a strong claim to prove the connection between the negligent party and the death that occurred. Under Nevada state law, under Nevada Revised Statute 41.085, when the death of a person is caused by neglect, the family members have a right to file a lawsuit and get damages. The revised statute is referring to a civil lawsuit filed in Nevada state court. 

Nevada’s revised statutes place a duty on certain parties. For example, Nevada revised stat 41.130 explains what a duty is and the duty owed to others to make sure that their actions do not cause any accidents or injuries. When a party violates this duty, they are then held accountable and will owe damages to the party that suffered. This also goes for lawsuits involving premises liability, truck accidents, lemon law cases, etc. 

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