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Nevada state laws prohibit any type of gender discrimination at the workplace. Both Nevada and federal laws have several workplace protections in place to prevent gender and sex discrimination. Unfortunately, despite the fact that there are several laws in place, both men and women face gender discrimination almost every day in Las Vegas, Nevada. We understand that not only could this take an emotional toll on you, but you may also have to deal with the financial repercussions of being discriminated against. If you or a loved one have been discriminated against at work because of your gender or sex, contact our experienced employment attorneys in Las Vegas today. We have an office located in Las Vegas, and are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your potential gender discrimination case.

Our attorneys are dedicated to making sure that no employee has their rights taken advantage of by their employer. Not only is it unethical, but it is also illegal through various statutes for an employer to discriminate against their employees.

What is sex discrimination?

Sex discrimination occurs when an employer adversely treats and employee simply because of their sex. This occurs when an employer makes assumptions based on a gender stereotype or a gender expression. Sex discrimination could occur based on any of the following acts against:

  • Biological gender
  • Pregnancy
  • Gender identity
  • Gender expression
  • Gender stereotypes

If you have suffered any of the above-mentioned types of discrimination, contact our employment law attorneys for a free no risk consultation today. During this consultation, we will determine whether you have a valid claim against your employer for damages. We always want to make sure that our clients have all of their questions answered, and understand what type of employer misconduct claim they may be facing.

Federal Gender Discrimination Laws

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, employers are prohibited from discriminating against individuals during the individual’s employment because of their gender. Title VII applies only to those employers who have more than 15 employees. Employers  must not discriminate through all points of the employee’s scope of employment. For example, an employer can also refuse to hire an employee specifically because they belong to a certain gender.

 Examples of Gender and Sex Discrimination

Gender and sex discrimination can take place in many different ways, including:

  • Refusing to hire an employee because of their gender or sex 
  • Demoting an employee for expressing their gender
  • Transferring an employee after going through gender transition 
  • Firing an employee while going through gender transition
  • Sexual harassment
  • Failing to pay an employee salary, overtime pay, life insurance, stock options, vacation holiday pay, reimbursement for travel expenses 
  • Verbal discriminatory comments 
  • Giving the employee less favorable job responsibilities

All the above-mentioned examples are unacceptable and unlawful. Our dedicated Las Vegas discrimination attorneys will help you through the process and asserting your claims and holding your at fault employer liable. If you have experienced any of the above circumstances at your workplace, it is very important to get in touch with us immediately. 

Which Employers Are Prohibited From Sex Discrimination In Las Vegas ?

Both state and federal laws hold employers who have 15 or more employees responsible for gender and sex discrimination.

What type of compensation could I receive for my sex discrimination claim in Nevada?

There are a variety of different damages an employee could receive as compensation for their injuries. Examples of compensation include:

  • Physical injuries
  • Emotional distress
  • Front pay
  • Back pay
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Property damage

It is important to note that these damages differ depending on the circumstances of the discriminatory act. There are other damages you could possibly receive. To determine what type of damages you could receive specifically, contact our attorneys today for a free no risk initial consultation.

When is gender discrimination prohibited?

According to both Federal and Nevada laws, gender discrimination is prohibited throughout the scope of employment. This includes:

  • Interviewing the applicant
  • Hiring the applicant
  • Firing the employee
  • Demoting the employee
  • Transferring the employee
  • Paying the employee
  • Conditions in employment contracts

What is wrongful retaliation?

Many are afraid to come forward and report their gender discrimination claims because they are afraid of what their employers would do if they found out that they were being sued. It is very important to note that you should never be afraid of filing a claim against your employer. Your employer is prohibited from taking any retaliatory measures against you for speaking up against the company and reporting any injustice you have faced. If your employer starts treating you differently because you have filed a lawsuit against them for gender discrimination, you may have a claim for wrongful retaliation.

For example, an employee could file a gender discrimination charge, testify in court against their employer, and provide documents to a public entity regarding their employer’s illegal activities. An employee is protected if they engage in any type of behavior mentioned. 

How do you file a claim for gender discrimination in Las Vegas? 

A claim must be filed initially with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Our Las Vegas employment rights attorneys represent employees, and guide them through the legal process of filing such claims. After you submit a claim to the EEOC, they will evaluate and look into your claim to determine if you have a valid action. Then, they will provide you with a right-to-sue letter. You then have the ability to file a civil lawsuit against the at fault party with the right to sue letter.

Even if you have not received a right-to-sue letter from the EEOC, you could still file a claim against your employer for gender discrimination.

What is sexual harassment in Las Vegas?

Recently, there has been an increase in employees who have come forward and reported sexual harassment claims because many organizations are encouraging people to speak up. Sexual harassment is unethical, and unacceptable. Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination, and occurs when employers ask their employees for sexual requests, engages in unconsented sexual advances, or sexually speaks about unwelcome statements. This type of environment can be very uncomfortable, and could create a hostile working environment.

If you believe you have been a victim to a hostile working environment, contact our gender discrimination attorneys today to see how you could receive compensation for your injuries. 

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