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Our top rated attorneys at Heidari Law have been representing medical malpractice victims for decades in Las Vegas. We know just how stressful it may be to suffer from an injury caused by a healthcare provider. When you get medical assistance, you expect that the medical provider will offer you the highest level of care. But in the cases where the healthcare provider fails to act properly, and causes more harm than good, you may have a claim for medical malpractice depending on the circumstances.

If you believe you are a victim of medical malpractice, give our top rated attorneys a call today to discuss your potential case during a free consultation. Our experienced Las Vegas attorneys are available 24/7 for clients, and have decades of knowledge when representing medical malpractice victims. Medical malpractice is a very specific type of law that requires a highly qualified attorney.

What is medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice refers to any negligent actions or omissions taken by a healthcare provider. These negligent actions must deviate from the standard of care compared to other health care providers in the community. Usually, medical malpractice results in injury, sometimes even death. Medical malpractice is a type of personal injury where a victim could recover compensation for the injuries they have suffered from the responsible party. Nevada has several laws in place that establish a duty for healthcare providers. Healthcare providers are held to the utmost standard of care when treating their patients.

How do you prove a medical malpractice case in Las Vegas?

There are several different elements that you must meet in order to have a successful medical malpractice lawsuit in Las Vegas. Keep in mind that failing to prove just one element could result in having the entire case dismissed, and you could lose out on compensation that you should have received. Having a highly qualified Las Vegas attorney on your side will help strengthen your case. The different types of elements include:

  • The healthcare provider and the patient had a doctor-patient relationship. This is one of the first introductory elements that you must have to prove any medical malpractice lawsuit. You must show that there was a professional relationship prior to the negligent actions taking place.
  • The healthcare provider had a duty to the patient to act any reasonably safe manner, and to prevent any injuries.
  • The health care provider’s duty is compared to other types of healthcare providers in the same profession in the medical community. If the health care provider’s actions are not ones that are taken by a similar healthcare professional, then the healthcare provider most likely has deviated from the standard of care.
  • The patient has now suffered injuries caused by the actions.
  • The plaintiff has damages that should be compensated. Damages can include physical injuries, and emotional suffering. 

What are some examples of injuries caused by medical malpractice?

What type of healthcare providers are held responsible under medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice encompasses all different types of healthcare providers. The most common types of healthcare providers that may be a defendant in a lawsuit include:

  • Pharmacists
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Physician assistants
  • Surgeons
  • Psychiatrists
  • Physical therapists
  • General physicians
  • Emergency Room physicians
  • Chiropractors
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Hospital assistants and administrators
  • Plastic surgeons

There are several different types of healthcare providers that may not be on this list, but may be held to a higher standard compared to others in the community. When a healthcare provider does not act in the same manner as another member of the healthcare community would, then they have most likely acted negligently.

What are long term effects of medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice could result in almost any type of injury, especially because it is not specific to one part of the body. Some examples of medical malpractice injuries may include:

  • Anesthesia: when providing anesthesia, too much anesthesia could result in brain injuries, and too little anesthesia could cause the patient to wake up in the middle of the surgery in pain.
  • Errors during surgery: some examples of how a surgery could go wrong include operation on the wrong body part, or when a healthcare provider forgets a medical tool in the patient’s body. 
  • Emergency room errors: since the emergency room is constantly busy and deals with several different types of scenarios, a common mistake could include a mix-up of the patient’s information. 
  • Birth injuries: prior to giving birth, a doctor must examine the mother’s baby for any potential injuries. When a doctor fails to notice any type of physical or mental illness, and the child is born with ailments, the mother could hold the medical provider responsible.
  • Delayed diagnosis of diseases: when a healthcare provider fails to diagnose a disease early, they could be held responsible for medical malpractice. The patient must show that another healthcare provider in the community had diagnosed it earlier.
  • Improper medication: this usually occurs when pharmacists fail to provide the proper medication to the patient.

Medical Malpractice Cases In Las Vegas

Las Vegas has several different types of hospitals and doctors offices that could increase the possibility of a medical malpractice case. Every year, medical malpractice cases are on a steady rise, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. Many patients have found themselves misdiagnosed or diagnosed far too late.

When should I file my medical malpractice lawsuit in Las Vegas?

  • We recommend that you file your medical malpractice claim as soon as possible if you are dealing with a healthcare provider in Las Vegas. The later you file your lawsuit, the less likely you may win. If you file your lawsuit after the time has passed, then your case will get dismissed by the court. This means that you cannot file the lawsuit again.
  • You must file your medical malpractice claim in Las Vegas 2 years from the date that you are injured, or one year from the date that the injury was first discovered. This could get very confusing when determining the time limit for each lawsuit. That is why you should call our top rated Las Vegas attorneys the minute you have the slightest inkling that there’s something wrong with your healthcare provider and they may have taken a negligent action.
  • When speaking with our highly qualified Las Vegas attorneys, we will take a look at all of the options that you may have, and the time limits associated with each.

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Our medical malpractice attorneys at Heidari Law are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your potential medical malpractice case. Medical malpractice could result in very severe injuries, and no victim should have to go through this alone. Our attorneys are here and able to help. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients, and are experienced in all the different types of Las Vegas medical malpractice rules and regulations. Each type of healthcare provider is held to a specific type of regulation in Las Vegas.

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