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Helicopter Tour Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is known to have several different helicopter tour companies all around the city. Some helicopter tours also take passengers all the way to the Grand Canyon, while others take a trip around the Las Vegas strip. Helicopter tours are a great way to get to know the state of Nevada, and all of its natural beauty. But, there are some unfortunate circumstances where helicopter tours don’t go as planned. If you or a loved one have been injured as a passenger while on a helicopter tour, give our Las Vegas attorneys a call today to discuss your potential lawsuit. Many people are unaware that they could file a lawsuit against a responsible party for any injuries that they have suffered. 

In Nevada, an injured victim has the right to recover compensation from the responsible party that caused their injuries. Helicopter tour accidents could have several different responsible parties, and usually involve complex cases where the attorney will have to gather as much information about liability as possible. Give our experienced attorneys a call today to discuss how we can help you with your specific lawsuit, and make sure that you get the care you deserve.

What type of injuries are caused by a helicopter crash in Las Vegas?

What causes a helicopter tour accident in Las Vegas?

There are several common reasons why a helicopter tour accident could take place. Some examples include:

  • Pilot negligence: a helicopter pilot must be extensively trained by their employer, and have the required license. Besides a license, a pilot must also have passed several different background checks in order to safely fly a helicopter. In the case of a pilot’s negligence, the injured victim could hold the pilot responsible.
  • Air traffic controller: an air traffic controller is responsible for managing all of the helicopters and planes in the sky to make sure that there is no possibility of a collision. When an air traffic control acts negligently, the possibility of aircraft and aircraft collision, or an aircraft and structure collision is increased.
  • Defective helicopter parts: defective parts could cause a helicopter accident. There are three types of defects, which include a design defect, a warranty defect and a manufacturer defect. There are several different parts that go into a fully functioning helicopter. Examples include the engine, the seat belt, the transmission, etc. When just one of these parts fails to work properly, the entire helicopter could result in an accident.
  • Low fuel: it is the pilot’s and the helicopter tour company’s responsibility to make sure that the helicopter has enough fuel. Extensive training is required for those operating a helicopter to determine exactly how much fuel they need.
  • Poor environment: when the weather conditions are poor, such as fog or rain, the likelihood of a helicopter accident is increased. When there is the possibility of a poor environment, the helicopter tour company, or the pilot could be held responsible for continuing with the tour despite poor weather conditions.
  • Helicopter tour company: the helicopter tour company is typically the number one party responsible for an accident that occurs while a helicopter is on a tour. Even if the pilot is held responsible, it is still the tour company’s responsibility to train their employees properly.
  • Collisions with structures: a pilot must be trained with how high they should fly the helicopter, given that there are several high structures in Las Vegas. 

What if I was also responsible for my helicopter tour injuries?

On occasion, an injured person could also be responsible for the injuries that they have suffered in a helicopter tour. This falls under Nevada’s comparative fault laws. For example, if you failed to wear your helicopter seat belt, and were injured from a collision with another aircraft, you could also be held responsible for your injuries. If you had worn your seatbelt, it’s possible that the injuries would not have been so severe.

In the case described above, you could still get compensated for the injuries you have suffered. In Nevada, if you were more than 51% responsible for your injuries, you will not be able to recover compensation. But, if you are less than 51% responsible, then you could receive financial compensation for your injuries. This percentage is determined by attorneys when gathering evidence. That is why having a highly qualified Las Vegas attorney will work in your favor. Our attorneys at Heidari Law will look into all of the circumstances as soon as possible to make sure that we have strong evidence in your favor. 

Wrongful Death

In some circumstances, there is the possibility that a helicopter tour accident could result in a fatality. In this event, the deceased’s family members could still file a lawsuit against the responsible party. This is filed under a wrongful death claim, which is a type of lawsuit where the family members’ loved ones file a lawsuit against the responsible party. The family member could receive compensation for the deceased’s loss of income, pain and suffering, as well as:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical bills
  • Interest for the compensation
  • Loss of support
  • Lost benefits
  • Expenses related to probate and estate administration
  • Punitive damages

When should I file my helicopter accident injury lawsuit?

In Nevada there is a statute of limitations that goes into detail about the deadline for filing a helicopter accident lawsuit. If you were involved in a helicopter accident, you have 2 years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. 

We recommend that you file your lawsuit as soon as possible. If you believe there is a party responsible for your helicopter tour accident, give us a call today. 2 years may seem like a long time, however the longer you wait, the more difficult it could be to get the evidence that you need to help you win, and therefore the more you have to lose. 

How much do our helicopter injury attorneys cost?

Our attorneys work through a contingency arrangement, and will only get paid if we win compensation in your favor. You do not owe us anything until we win for you. 

Contact Our Helicopter Tour Injury Attorneys Today

Helicopter tour injuries could be very severe, and may require thousands of dollars or more in medical bills and treatments. You should not have to pay for these unexpected expenses if you were not responsible for the accident. Give us a call today to hold the responsible parties liable financially. Our Las Vegas injury attorneys work tirelessly to make sure that you get the legal help you deserve.

Helicopter injury lawsuits are a very specific type of case that require an experienced attorney. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing victims who have been injured in circumstances just like these. Give us a call today for a free case evaluation.

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