Burn injuries can be a result of almost any type of accident, from car accidents, to slip and fall accidents. These injuries can result in permanent scarring and disfigurement and may require a lifetime of medical care. Burn injuries could not only lead to severe physical injuries, but they can also take a major emotional toll. If you or a loved one have suffered a burn injury, and would like to hold the responsible party accountable for compensation, give our top-rated Las Vegas attorneys a call today.

Our Las Vegas burn injury lawyers fight aggressively to make sure that our clients get the legal help that they deserve. We hold responsible parties accountable for their actions and make sure that our clients get compensated a fair amount that truly reflects how much they have suffered. 

In Nevada, there were around 50 burn injury hospitalizations within a year. although this number may seem very little, the true number is actually much higher because not all burn entries are reported, and not all burn injury victims go to the hospital. Instead, many burn injury victims will go to the hospital days or weeks after a burn, possibly with more aggravated injuries, such as infections.

The highest rate of burn injury victims in Nevada are adults that are older than 65 years of age. Reasons for this is that older adults do not have the means to move quickly in the event of a fire.

Can I get compensation for a burn?

Yes, under Nevada law you could get compensated for your burn injuries by holding the other party responsible for their negligence. There are several different types of compensation you could receive, and each type of compensation depends on a case-by-case basis.

What causes burn injuries? 

Fires that cause burns could happen from flames, hot liquids, steam, and even hot surfaces. Some common examples include:

  • Smoke burns
  • Burns from fires
  • Chemical burns
  • Thermal burns
  • Steam burns
  • Flame burns
  • Electrical burns
  • Scald burns

How much does the average burn injury cost?

Since there are several different types of burn injuries, the amount of compensation you could receive depends on the circumstances in the severity of the burn. Usually, on average, burn injury lawsuits are hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How can I file a burn injury lawsuit against a landlord in Nevada?

Our attorneys have seen burn injuries come up most commonly in premises liability cases. Premises liability cases are those that hold a landowner or property manager accountable for their negligent actions. In order to prove a premises liability lawsuit, you must show:

  • The landlord was responsible for maintaining the property and making sure that it was safe from any fire dangers and burns
  • The landlord failed to take safety measures, and it led to a fire danger
  • The fire then caused the victim to suffer burn injuries
  • The victim now has damages, such as medical bills, in order to treat the injuries

What are the different types of burn injuries?

In the medical field, burn injuries are categorized into three different types. Each category differs from one another depending on the severity of the burns, and the physical look of the burn. It is important to know the different categories of injuries not only so you know what type of treatment you need, but it is also helpful when filing a lawsuit against the negligent party. For example, those that have suffered more serious burns could recover more in compensation. The different categories of burns are:

  • First-degree burns: these burns are considered to be the mildest burn in comparison to the other types of burns. A first-degree burn only burns the first and top layers of the skin. The more layers the burn effects, the more severe it is and the higher degree. First degree burns require antibiotics and will require the patient to take time off work to heal from the injuries.
  • Second-degree burns: a second-degree burn is more painful than a first-degree burn, and damages the deep tissue of the skin. Second-degree burns may result in disfigurement and permanent scarring. All second-degree burns will require some type of medical assistance.
  • Third-degree burns: this is the most severe type of burn, and all third degree burns will require constant medical attention. In certain cases, it may even result in amputation, scarring and disfigurement. Those with third-degree burns will live with those injuries for the rest of their life, and may even have to switch jobs if they are physically unable to move around as they used to prior to the accident.

What type of compensation can I receive for my burn injury lawsuit in Las Vegas?

  • Medical bills 
  • Surgeries
  • Past lost wages
  • Future lost income
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Prescription medication
  • At-home medical equipment
  • At-home medical care
  • Future physical therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages
  • Property damage

What is a wrongful death claim?

In the event that the burn injuries result in death, the deceased’s family member has the right to file a lawsuit against the defendant themselves. In a wrongful death lawsuit for burn injuries, not only could the victim’s family member recover compensation stated above, but they could also recover other expenses such as funeral and burial expenses, loss of income and support, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and loss of companionship and consortium.

What will our Las Vegas burn injury lawyers do?

  • Our highly qualified burn injury attorneys will investigate the circumstances of your accident to see exactly how the accident occurred. One of the hardest things to do in a lawsuit is gather enough evidence to prove liability. Oftentimes, the other party that the lawsuit is filed against will try to fight back and blame other parties for the incident. Our top-rated attorneys have decades of experience handling burn injuries, and know exactly what to do to investigate a burn injury accident.
  • Our experienced Las Vegas attorneys will provide constant legal advice and support, because we know how frustrating the legal process may seem.
  • We will negotiate and communicate with the other party and insurance company to make sure that all your financial burdens have been discussed, and that we come to a settlement agreement that is fair for you. That is what sets us apart from other law firms.
  • In the event that a settlement with the other party is not reached, then your case may go to trial. Our trial attorneys have extensive experience in Nevada courts representing clients who have been injured by negligent parties.

Do I need a burn injury attorney in Las Vegas?

Generally, you do not need an attorney to represent you in Nevada courts. But, it is highly recommended that you have an attorney on your side in order to deal with all the necessary legal steps, and communicate with the other party. Reasons why should hire an attorney include:

  1. Communication:Keep in mind that you may not only be dealing with the other party, but you may also be dealing with insurance adjusters. They could get very tricky when determining who you are speaking with, especially if you are not represented by an attorney. 
  2. Provide emotional support: An attorney that is handling the case will provide you with emotional support and peace of mind while you focus on your burn injuries.
  3. Maximize compensation: A highly qualified attorney will keep in mind all the different types of compensation you may need. For example, if you do not have an attorney you may not even realize that you are entitled to pain and suffering compensation.

How much do our Las Vegas burn injury attorneys cost? 

Our burn injury attorneys work through a contingency fee, which means that you do not owe us a single dollar until we win a favorable outcome. We only will take a portion of the compensation we recover for you.

Give our Las Vegas burn injury attorneys a call today to discuss your Las Vegas accident. Keep in mind that with every type of lawsuit comes a specific time limitation on when you should file the lawsuit. When you file a lawsuit too late, you will risk losing your entire case and not even having the opportunity to bring it to court. The sooner you speak to our top-rated attorneys, the easier it will be to seek damages and compensation from the at fault party.

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