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We know how stressful it could be to put time and effort into a position, only for your employer to then deny your pay. All employees should be afforded proper pay. Not only is this frustrating, but it could take an emotional toll on the employee and other family members. Call our Las Vegas employment and labor attorneys to set up a one-on-one case evaluation to discuss your wage dispute case.

 Unfortunately, wage disputes are more popular than many may think. This is especially common in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tourism, entertainment, and gaming are some of the most popular positions in Las Vegas. But, unfortunately, many employees may also experience difficulties when it comes to getting paid the appropriate amount and getting paid timely.

Do I have an unpaid wage claim?

Our top-rated attorneys work tirelessly to make sure that our clients get top-quality legal care. We recommend that you speak to our top-rated Las Vegas labor attorneys to discuss and look into the circumstance of whether you have an eligible unpaid wage claim. Our attorneys will be able to gather all necessary evidence to prove your unpaid wage claim when filing a lawsuit against your employer. Examples of unpaid wage claims could  include:

  • When your employer declines to pay you your tips or commission. This is usually a contract dispute. When an employee signs on with a company, they may have to sign an employment contract. In this contract, it may state that the employee is eligible to receive tips or commission. In that case, an employer cannot deny the employee this pay.
  • When your employer declines to pay you your overtime wages. Overtime is paid time and a half of whatever hourly wage that the employee has. For example, our attorneys have seen circumstances where an employer continues to pay the employee the same hourly wage even though the employee is working overtime.
  • When your employer takes away your tax deductions unlawfully. There have been circumstances in which an employer would take away and cut compensation from the employee’s wages, and instead say that they are using it towards deductions. 
  • When your employer does not pay for vacation time. There are employment contracts that allow the employee to take time off for vacation. Sometimes, there could be paid vacation allowed. In that case, an employee could go on vacation while still getting paid. Paid vacation is usually a cruise the number of hours that an employee works. An employer cannot deny the employee wages to their paid vacation.
  • When your employer violates your mandated breaks. An employer must provide employees with enough breaks, including lunch breaks. During this time, an employee cannot be interrupted and asked to do other work.

All of the above examples are wage disputes that may come up in a wage dispute claim or lawsuit in Las Vegas. We recommend that you contact our attorneys as soon as possible to review your specific wage dispute claim. Each wage dispute claim is different from one another, which is why we recommend that you come in as soon as possible.

What type of evidence will I need for a wage dispute claim in Las Vegas?

When filing a wage dispute claim, there are specific pieces of evidence that our attorneys will need to piece together how the dispute came about, and the best resolution to the wage dispute. Examples of evidence include:

  • Records of the time that the employee worked: this is very important to determine the number of hours the employee put in, but was unpaid.
  • Pay stubs: pay stubs show the amount and compensation that the employee was paid. An employee has the right to request receipt of pay stubs from their employer, and their employer must provide copies within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Checks: checks are also very important when piecing together how much the employee was paid. There are also circumstances where an employer may pay an employee, and the check may bounce. In that case, we recommend that an employee keep all evidence of bounce checks as well.
  • Employment contracts: employment contracts are very important when determining the benefits and pay that the employee agreed to prior to signing on as an employee.
  • Any notices to the employee: sometimes, the employer may retaliate against the employee for speaking up and reporting the wage dispute. If the employee is fired or let go, the notice to the employee is very beneficial in later filing a wrongful retaliation or wrongful termination claim in Las Vegas.

What should I do if my employer has not paid me for my work?

This is one of the most common questions that our Las Vegas employment attorneys receive. Unfortunately, this is very common in the city of Las Vegas. Our attorneys recommend that you gather as much evidence as possible the minute that you realize that your employer has failed to pay you for the work that you’ve done. Keep all pay stubs, and hours worked, along with any communications that you have had with your employer.

Can I report my employer for wage theft?

Fortunately, there are many Nevada laws in place that protect employees, and allow employees to act as a whistleblower when reporting any wage theft that their employers are taking part in. Usually, in circumstances like this, our attorneys have noted that there are multiple employees who may be in the same boat as you. As a whistleblower, you are protected from any workplace retaliation. 

Las Vegas Employment Laws

  • All employees in Las Vegas are protected against discrimination. Employees who have experienced workplace discrimination based on race, religion, sex, national origin, disability, color, pregnancy, and gender have a right to file a workplace discrimination lawsuit. The Nevada Equal Rights Commission is the responsible party that oversees all discrimination claims. 
  • Sexual harassment is illegal in the workplace, and employers have a duty to make sure that there are proper policies and procedures in place to prevent sexual harassment.
  • Employers must be given breaks throughout their work shift.
  • Employers must keep federal and state income taxes from the employees’ wages, it must pay the appropriate agencies. When an employer fails to do so, they could be held responsible for wage theft or tax fraud.
  • All employers are responsible for making sure that the workplace environment is up to code, and meets all proper safety labor procedures listed under the Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 
  • The Family Medical Leave Act applies to employees and allows eligible employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for any medical reason, including taking care of their family members. 

Las Vegas Wage Dispute Attorney

If you have a wage dispute with your employer, give our lawyers a call to discuss. Wage disputes could happen in several different ways, and are very common in Las Vegas with the amount of employees working at the Las Vegas strip in tourism. 

Contact us today to schedule a confidential case evaluation. A case evaluation is completely risk-free and allows you to ask our attorneys.