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Although there are several laws in place under both Federal and Nevada laws that outlaw racial discrimination, many employees still find themselves experiencing racial discrimination at the workplace. If you have been discriminated against by your employer in Las Vegas, or any other place in Nevada, contact our Las Vegas employment law attorneys today.

We understand that it can be very stressful to be discriminated against at work. No one deserves to face discrimination at the workplace. Our Las Vegas attorneys are here to help. If you are searching for a racial discrimination attorney near you in Las Vegas, you are at the right place. Unfortunately, racial discrimination is very common in Las Vegas, especially in hotels and casinos.

Our dedicated Las Vegas attorneys will help you determine whether you have a strong racial discrimination claim against your employer, along with determining what type of damages you could potentially receive. Our top-rated attorneys will help you understand your legal rights as an employee. Call us today for a free no risk consultation. We are available 24/7 via phone and email, along with having a physical office in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Racial Discrimination 

Recently, there has been an increase in hate crimes against black residents in Las Vegas according to NAACP Las Vegas chapter president. Hate crime most commonly occurs in North Las Vegas, especially in Henderson and in Clark County. Just last year, according to the Las Vegas Police Department, there were 21 hate crimes that were motivated by racial discrimination. The rise of hate crimes more than doubled in 2020 against African-Americans that reside in Las Vegas.

One of the major concerns that the Las Vegas Police Department is currently experiencing with hate crimes is that victims are afraid to report a crime. If you have been discriminated against because of your race, and involved in a hate crime in Las Vegas, contact our racial discrimination attorneys immediately.

Examples of hate crimes in Las Vegas include racial slurs that were scratched on a person’s car. Local activists are now trying to get the word out and encourage people to report hate crimes. 

Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination occurs when an employer engages in adverse conduct against an employee simply because of their race. Examples of racial discrimination based on a person’s characteristics include:

  • Skin color
  • Hair color
  • Hair design
  • Facial features
  • Body build
  • Marriage with another race
  • Having friends of another race

Racial Discrimination Federal Law 

Under the federal law titled Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, racial discrimination is outright prohibited in the workplace. This was initially passed during the Civil Rights Movement in 1964.

Racial Discrimination Nevada Law 

Under the Nevada Revised Statute Section 613.405, an employer is prohibited from discriminating against an employee because of the basis of a person’s race. Nevada revised statutes also provide the discriminated employee a right to compensation and damages against their employer for racial discrimination that occurred at the workplace. 

It is very important that you hire an experienced Las Vegas attorney that is knowledgeable about Nevada and federal racial discrimination protections. Contact our attorneys today if you have experienced racial discrimination at the workplace In Las Vegas. 

Evidence of Racial Discrimination

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), there are certain types of evidence that must be filed with your claim in order for it to be effective. There are two types of evidence for racial discrimination claims. This includes:

  • Direct evidence: this might be direct physical and / or verbal evidence where the employee discriminates against an employee. Examples include recordings, information of witnesses who have experienced the discriminatory statement, or copies of an email that stated racially discriminating statements.
  • Circumstantial evidence: this is a type of indirect evidence that could be proven by looking at the employer’s practices. For example, an example of circumstantial evidence could include instances where the employer treats employees of a specific race differently at the workplace. it is very important bring strong evidence when filing your racial discrimination claim. If an employer failed to hire you, fired you, demoted you, or reduced your hours because of your race, you most likely will be able to have a strong claim of racial discrimination.

 It is very important to have the right Las Vegas racial discrimination attorney to build out all your facts and gather all the evidence necessary to file a successful claim. It is very important that you provide our attorneys with as much information as possible so our employment lawyers could look into the claim and determine what other types of evidence we may need for your claim.

Hostile Work Environment

A different type of racial discrimination claim an employee have against their employer is a hostile work environment claim. A hostile work environment claim is when:

  • An employee was discriminated against
  • The conduct by the employer was unwelcome
  • The conduct by the employer created a hostile and / or an abusive work environment

Examples of a hostile work environment claim could include instances of sexual harassment. 

How do I file a racial discrimination claim?

If you have suffered racial discrimination in Nevada, it is very important that the first step you take is to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Nevada Equal Rights Commission (NERC). Both these departments take racial discrimination claims and investigate them to determine whether the party has an initial right to sue. Once you have a right to sue, you then will file a private civil action against your employer.

A claim for racial discrimination could be filed by a group of employees, an individual employee, or an applicant who applied for a job. Before filing a claim with the EEOC or the NERC, it is very important that you gather all the necessary evidence.  If you need assistance with your claim, contact our attorneys immediately. The sooner you hire a top-rated discrimination attorney, the sooner you could receive compensation for your injuries.

Does it matter if I file my claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Nevada Equal Rights Commission?

You could file your racial discrimination claim with any of the two departments. The two departments work together to initiate the investigation regarding the racial discrimination claim.

When should I file my racial discrimination claim?

There is a time limit imposed on when you could file your racial discrimination claim with the EEOC or the NERC. You must file your claim within 6 months of the date of the discrimination. If you fail to file your claim within 6 months, you could potentially lose your right to sue, and your case could get dismissed. 

Examples of Racial Discrimination In Las Vegas

There are several different instances of racial discrimination that could take place at the workplace. Examples of racial discrimination include:

  • Denying an employee pay
  • Denying an employee a promotion
  • Harassing an employee
  • Failing to train an employee
  • Giving an employee negative performance review
  • Demoting an employee
  • Failing to provide the employee any benefits
  • Wrongful retaliation
  • Providing unequal pay
  • Assigning the employee to less favorable job responsibilities compared to other employees to hold a similar position