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Axe throwing has recently increased in popularity. But, with this immediate emergence of popularity, there are also several different facilities that are opening that are not well equipped to handle all customers. If you or someone you know has been injured while axe throwing, whether it was the facility’s responsibility or another customer’s responsibility, you have the right to recover compensation. Give our Las Vegas liability attorneys a call to discuss your case, and to see if you could recover compensation today.

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Las Vegas, Nevada is home to several different types of axe-throwing facilities and venues. Below are some examples of venues in Las Vegas:

  • Axehole Vegas 
  • Range 702
  • Sin City Smash
  • Bad Axe Throwing 
  • Dive N’boar

Above are just some examples of venues that you could visit to axe throw in the city of Las Vegas. Axe throwing has become a very popular sport, and has become competitive with several different competitions that occur each year. But, unfortunately, the likelihood of being involved in an axe throwing accident is also very high. 

In order to keep the axe-throwing experience fun for all those involved, all parties must take proper safety precautions.

What causes axe-throwing accidents?

  • Medical conditions: there may be customers who have a medical condition that may limit them from properly taking part in the sport. All customers should be asked for any prior medical conditions, and evaluated prior to taking part in axe throwing. For example, there may be someone who has a bad shoulder and may not be able to throw the axe properly. This could then result in injuries to others if the axe is not thrown properly. In other cases, other customers may have anxiety or may be easily triggered by the look of blades or knives.
  • Improper supervision: all axe-throwing venues and facilities must have staff members and employees who are properly trained and supervise the location at all times. Usually, venues have a timesheet that allows employees to switch off every couple of hours, while also making sure that there is an employee on the floor at all times. These employees must supervise all customers to make sure that they are axe-throwing properly, and they do not engage in any horseplay.
  • Customers not following rules: customers must always follow all these safety rules. For example, those who are retrieving their axes before the thrower has finished could be very dangerous.
  • Improper safety measures: axe throwing venues must have proper safety measures prior to the customers taking part in the activity. For example, all customers should be trained, and there should be rules stated on the walls prior to the activity.
  • Crowded venues: all venues should make sure that the venue is not congested. When the venue is congested, several customers might injure one another, or may throw the axe at others accidentally.
  • Improper targets: all axe-throwing facilities must make sure that they have proper targets, and that the targets are at a safe distance away.
  • Defective axe: a defective axe could lead to serious injury. For example, the injured party could file a lawsuit against the product manufacturer or retailer for a defect in the blade or handle.
  • Improper throwing: all axe throwers must be trained on how to properly throw. For example, if a thrower uses excessive force, the blade could seriously injure others, including employees standing by. 
  • Intoxicated customers: no customer should be intoxicated. In the event that they are, they should not be allowed to throw axes or blades, especially with others nearby. There should be proper safety measures in place. 

When should I hire an axe-throwing attorney?

Axe throwing has become a very popular sport, but with that also comes the injuries if not used properly. For example, if thrown improperly, the axe may bounce back, causing injuries to the thrower. If you have been injured while axe throwing out of the venue, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Keep in mind that these injuries are considered personal injury, which allows the injured party to be eligible to recover compensation by holding the negligent party responsible. However, there needs to be a substantial investigation into who the responsible party may be. For example, the responsible parties may include:

  • The axe throwing facility: if the facility does not have proper safety and security measures in place, then it could result in serious accidents. For example, if the facility does not clean up the axes that are left on the floors, it could lead to a trip and fall hazard.
  • The axe throwing employee: sometimes, the facilities may have regulations and internal protocols of their own. But, the employees may be negligent on their own. For example, an employee may walk away from their designated work position. During this time, there may not be enough supervision, and an accident may result. 
  • Axe manufacturer: the handle or the blade manufacturer could be held responsible if there was a defect with the x, and the defect caused the accident. 
  • Other customers: other customers that are also axe throwing nearby could be held responsible if they were engaged in horseplay, and were throwing the axe around aimlessly. 

What will our Las Vegas attorneys do?

  • Our Las Vegas top-rated personal injury attorneys will look into the circumstance to see how the accident occurred, and who the responsible parties may be. For example, after the axe throwing accident, we recommend that you take pictures of the accident location. The accident location will help our attorneys tremendously when piecing together how the accident took place, and who may be negligent. We also will work with accident experts, along with medical experts to determine what your injuries are, and how much compensation you may need for your future medical care. 
  • We will also negotiate with the other party to make sure that you have all your compensation and your rights represented when going up against another party. Give us a call today to discuss your specific case. 

How much is my Las Vegas axe throwing accident lawsuit worth?

Axe throwing can result in very serious injuries, such as permanent injuries that will need future medical treatment throughout the injured life. This could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars depending on the severity of the injuries. 

But, to specifically determine how much your axe throwing accident lawsuit is worth, we recommend that you consult our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers through a one-on-one case evaluation.

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Although many people may think that axe throwing injuries are not very common, the sport’s rise in popularity these has driven an increase in related injuries. Many facilities may not be properly equipped, or customers at facilities may engage in horseplay or act negligently. In that case, serious injuries could result.

If you or someone you know has been injured while axe throwing in Las Vegas, Nevada, give us a call today to discuss your specific injuries through a one-on-one confidential consultation. Our case evaluations are completely free, and our attorneys always work through a contingency fee agreement. 

With our contingency fee agreement, our clients do not have to worry since there is no fee unless we win compensation. We have a successful track record of winning compensation for our clients through settlements and through trial verdicts.