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Several recreation spaces in Las Vegas have assembled trampolines that allow you to jump in different directions and do gymnastic movements. Some have foam blocks to break the fall of their users. This industry is growing rapidly, with new facilities opening their doors throughout the year. Trampoline parks around the United States have caused serious accidents in both children and adults. The main consequences are broken bones, brain hemorrhage, and paralysis. In most cases, the victims are children and young people between the ages of 3 and 19 on average. This has raised concerns about the safety, use, and regulation of these establishments in states such as California, Utah, and Nevada.

In the opinion of those who operate these sites, serious injuries are rare and fears about safety at trampoline parks are exaggerated. According to them, sports like soccer and baseball have higher injury rates. For many doctors, despite the benefits of leisure and physical activity, trampolines offer more risk than fun since they can cause loss of mobility and even death from a neck fracture. If you or a relative of yours has been the victim of an injury in a trampoline park, it is recommended to go in search of a lawyer specialized in the matter, since this will increase your chances of filing a formal claim that allows you to receive financial compensation.

What are the Leading Causes of Injuries at Trampoline Parks in Las Vegas?

The practice of this activity, in addition to being fun, offers numerous benefits for the cardiorespiratory and muscular system and improves coordination and balance, but it is not exempt from the occurrence of injuries. Severe physical damage can occur in trampoline parks, as in all recreational sports. In entertainment activities that involve jumping, the risk factors for the installation of an injury may be related to aspects such as:

  • Risky jump time and method
  • Improper execution of the movement
  • Constant impact on the ground when jumping and falling
  • Slips and falls
  • Wrong landings
  • Practice without proper supervision
  • Defects or technical failures in the trampolines.
  • Personnel in charge who are poorly trained, educated, or qualified
  • Inefficient security measures within practice facilities

The circular trampoline, widely used as a form of children’s recreation, is an activity that presents many orthopedic injuries, especially in children between five and fifteen years of age. In a retrospective study, it was determined that around 70% of the injuries occurred inside the trampoline and 30% of the injuries were caused by the expulsion of individuals toward the outside of the device. About 75% of the injuries were caused by fracture or fracture-dislocation, with 80% of the injuries occurring in the upper limbs. Given these facts, the professionals in charge of these establishments must have the understanding to identify and know how to control the possible causes, and to take preventive measures.

Types of Injuries Recognized in Trampoline Park Claims in Nevada

Nevada state law recognizes different types of injuries in trampoline park claims:

What Should be Done After an Injury at a Trampoline Park?

If you have been the victim of a trampoline park injury, we describe what to do after this unfortunate event:

  • Call emergencies to attend to your condition and receive the necessary medical assistance to prevent your condition from worsening.
  • Alert the employees, administrator, or owner of the facilities where the incident occurred, and if possible, request a report of what happened to support the fact.
  • Collect evidence at the scene, in the form of photographs or videos, as well as versions of witnesses present at the time of the incident.
  • Hire the services of an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney to properly initiate the legal process for your compensation.

Liability in a Trampoline Park Injury in Las Vegas

The state of Nevada holds trampoline park managers or owners liable if the injury occurred on their premises, and they are aware of the existence of possible risks or dangers. Since these have the legal obligation to protect the integrity of the people within their establishment where jumping and recreation activities take place. In turn, the injury could have been caused by technical defects in the trampolines, which would allow him to claim their manufacturer. Your lawyer must gather all the evidence that determines that you suffered the injury due to any of them, and therefore you have the right to receive compensation from them.

Prevention Measures Against Injuries at Trampoline Parks 

The prevention of accidents and injuries of different magnitudes in trampoline parks is essential. It is possible to reduce the risk of injuries and health effects. Here are some tips:

  • Provide a safe environment for sports practice
  • Satisfy the individual needs of each user
  • Adequate preparation of both the user and the trainer
  • Progression: progressive and sequential teaching
  • Warm-up and stretching of the main muscle groups
  • Educate the user(s) about the dangers of this activity.
  • Know your limitations
  • Use of adequate protections
  • Use of appropriate clothing, as well as not wearing earrings, watches, belts, or any other utensil that could hurt the practitioner.
  • Use of slippers or socks that prevent slipping or rubbing caused by foot sweat or fingers entering the trampoline holes.
  • Helpers/guards around the trampoline

How Can a Trampoline Park Injury Claim Attorney Help?

A personal injury attorney can assist you or your family member with a trampoline park injury claim as follows:

  • Offering free legal advice
  • Informing insurers about the fact
  • Determining the person(s) responsible for the injury
  • Examining the site for the collection of evidence
  • Recording economic and non-economic losses now and in the future
  • Itemizing all medical expenses
  • Granting legal representation in mediations or the courts

Contact an Experienced Trampoline Park Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

Although it is considered a harmless and safe activity, it is certainly not without its dangers. Trampoline Park injuries can be very damaging, even causing paralysis or death to their victims. Our law firm is made up of lawyers specialized in personal injury claims in Las Vegas, with extensive experience in this area, offering a fast legal service, without neglecting efficiency and quality, to provide clients with a solution best suited to your interests. We are characterized by working with contingency fees, that is, you should not pay in advance, but will only make the payment when a repair or solution is obtained for your claim. Your case is of great importance to us, if you require a free legal consultation, contact our team of experienced trampoline park injury claim attorneys at Heidari Law Group today at 1-833-225-5454.

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