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According to ISO 45001:2018, a hazard is a source with the potential to cause injury and illness. In the United States, about 1,400,000 burns occur each year, resulting in 54,000 hospitalizations, which translates into high costs estimated between $3,000 and $5,000 per day of hospitalization in burn treatment units. This value corresponds to approximately 23% of the total cost of a treatment since other necessary aspects must be considered, such as physiotherapy and the assistance of the multidisciplinary team. Flammable and combustible materials, in addition to having the potential to cause personal injury, can also cause catastrophic property and environmental damage in a fire scenario. The construction industry is subject to high risks of fire occurrence. After all, in this environment, you work with a considerable number of flammable materials that, if they encounter a fire, can spread quickly.

Among the most significant dangers of combustibles and flammables is their ability to form an explosive atmosphere, that is, to compose a mixture of air in an environment where in the presence of a heat source, combustion spreads violently (explosion), depending on their concentration at the site. Generally, the consequences of a fire or explosion are serious injury or death of people, and damage to property and/or the environment. 

What Are the Most Common Causes of Injuries from Fires or Explosions in Las Vegas?

Construction fires or explosions in the city of Las Vegas can be caused by different factors and sources. This industry brings together, in the same environment, some sources that can cause fires. The appearance of flames can even occur due to discovery and ignorance.

The sources that can cause fires or explosions in construction are:

  • Sources of thermal origin: ovens, welds, matches, etc.
  • Sources of electrical origin: switches, circuit breakers, faulty electrical devices.
  • Sources of chemical origin: chemical reactions that release heat.
  • Among the possible risks for the generation of fires or explosions, the following stand out:
  • Accumulated debris, which can cause fire to spread in the event of a fire.
  • Presence of flammable liquids and gasses.
  • Emission of sparks from work such as welding and cutting with a torch, which can cause a fire if it encounters flammable material.
  • Electrical installations are overloaded or poorly installed.

Types of Injuries Recognized in Fire and Explosions Claims in Nevada

Many injuries are recognized for fire and explosion claims in the state of Nevada, among which are:

What Should You Do After a Fire or Explosion?

Fires and explosions are tragic situations that can occur in any building and different proportions. Hotels, commercial buildings, clubs, factories, and storage sheds, among others could be affected. Some of the measures to be taken after an incident of this nature are listed.

  1. Communicate with the emergency service and the fire department, as well as request medical attention for the victim(s).
  2. Immediately notify the employer or person responsible for the place where the incident occurred.
  3. Collect the largest possible number of photographic, video, and testimonials of what happened.
  4. Communicate with a Las Vegas fire or explosion attorney to begin the legal process.

Liability for Injuries Caused by Fire or Explosions in Las Vegas

If situations of this type are manifested, the responsibility will fall on the technician, manager of the work, owner of the property, or construction company in charge, they can also assume the blame for these by the manufacturer of the product that caused the accident. Therefore, they all must protect the safety of others or their employees’ assets. Likewise, negligent actions will have serious legal consequences. Asses with a lawyer specializing in personal injuries so that your claim meets all the requirements to obtain compensation.

Procedures to be Followed in Case of Fire or Explosion

It is important to adopt security measures in commercial buildings as well as in residential buildings. Emergency exits, fire extinguishers, the use of sprinklers, and fireproof building materials, among others, are examples of preventive measures. See some basic procedures to protect yourself and others in all cases.

  • Find out what is burning and the extent of the fire. If there are firefighters in the place, follow their instructions.
  • Keep calm, walk fast, but without pushing. Never push anybody.
  • Activate the hay alarms. There is a possibility that people elsewhere are not producing a fire. Mainly in the construction of commercial buildings or large environments.
  • When exiting, close doors and windows without blocking them. Remember that fire is caused by the presence of oxygen. Decreasing its quantity is possible to prevent the propagation from evolving.
  • Turn off the electricity. This helps reduce the risk of further electrical fires.
  • If you are in a building, never use the elevators. You risk getting stuck.
  • Always go down to the floor plan to leave the building. Utilize the staircase whenever possible. 
  • In the presence of smoke, cover the nose with a cloth, preferably damp. Depending on what is burning, inhaling it can be fatal. If the area is covered in smoke, crouch down and crawl away from the area.
  • If it is impossible to leave the place safely, look for a room with a window. Wet it to hinder the propagation of the flames. Close the bedroom door without blocking it. Seal the windows with blankets, carpets, or any fabric to prevent the smoke from entering. And put up a sign to identify your position.

How Can an Attorney Help in a Fire or Explosions Injury Claim?

A construction fire or explosion injury attorney can help you with your claim by:

  • Granting a free legal consultation to review your case.
  • Helping the victim to receive appropriate medical assistance.
  • Communicating with the insurance companies of those involved.
  • Determining the person(s) responsible for the accident
  • Collecting evidence at the site where the accident occurred
  • Recording in detail the losses caused by the incident.
  • Gathering all the information concerning medical expenses
  • Offering legal representation for the victim in mediation or court

Contact an Experienced Fire and Explosions Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

Fires and explosions are incidents that can become a tragedy if they are not prevented and controlled, resulting in the people involved in this event being severely injured most of the time due to the panic that can cause the victims of the accident.

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