Automatic Sliding Door Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that has several different casinos, golf courses, clubs, hotels, and restaurants. Thousands of tourists flock there every year, and to control the entrance and exit of all these tourists every day, buildings are likely to have automatic sliding doors. Although sliding doors are a great way to control foot traffic and prevent outside air from coming into the buildings, sliding doors cause very severe injuries if anything goes wrong.

Automatic door accidents are not that common, but, when they do occur, they could result in permanent lifelong effects. One of the scariest things that could happen with a sliding door accident could be when the door closes on you, and you are caught in the middle of the wall and the sliding door. The elderly and young children are likely to suffer severe injuries from a sliding door accident.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a sliding door accident in Las Vegas, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for the injuries caused. The party could be several different types of defendants. That’s why it takes a highly qualified attorney to determine exactly which party was responsible. Our highly-qualified Las Vegas attorneys have been holding defendants responsible for accidents for decades. We know exactly how traumatic experiences could affect the victim, especially if you are visiting Las Vegas for vacation, and end up getting injured from a door.

How does a sliding door accident occur in Las Vegas?

  • Usually, sliding doors have no problem opening and closing when the automatic sensor is working to detect those coming close to the door. The most common accident from a sliding door occurs when the door closes on you. Oftentimes, a sliding door does not automatically open if you are caught in between the door and the wall. This type of accident occurs when the sensor fails to work. The sensor is the number one key function that is necessary for a sliding door to work. If you are caught in the door, or even hit by a sliding door, you could sustain severe injuries to your hands, feet, back, and head.
  • Another common accident that occurs from a sliding door is when the sliding door falls off the track. A sliding door must be maintained constantly every couple months. If it is not, then the sliding door may not have a proper grip onto its tracks, and may fall forward or backward. When this occurs, the shards of glass could be very dangerous to others nearby. This could result in injuries such as puncture wounds or lacerations.
  • Improper design is another reason that sliding door accidents could occur. When a sliding door is designed incorrectly, those entering and exiting are likely to be injured. When a design defect accident occurs, there are specific parties that need to be held responsible. For more information, give our Las Vegas product liability attorneys a call today. 

What type of lawsuit could I file for a sliding door accident in Las Vegas?

  • Premises liability: is a legal term used to describe an accident that caused injury on another person’s property. Premises liability holds the property owner, or the party that manages the property, responsible for any injuries that occur from an accident. Usually, a sliding door accident will fall under a premises liability claim in Nevada Court.
  • Products liability claim: is not as common. Products liability claims are only filed when defects caused the accident. If the sliding door was defective at the time of the accident, and the defects caused injuries, then the plaintiff filing the lawsuit in Nevada could file a product liability claim.

Typically, victims of a sliding door accident do not know exactly what type of claim to file. Our attorneys will look into your accident, to determine what type of claims should be filed, and to make sure that all documents are properly filed. We have been doing this for decades, and always fight aggressively for our clients.

Who could be held responsible in a sliding door accident?

There are several different parties that could be held responsible. A thorough investigation must be done into your lawsuit to determine exactly which party is responsible for your injuries. This is one of the hardest things throughout the lawsuit process. Having a qualified attorney will help you gather evidence against the other parties. An attorney that is not so experienced will not know how to move forward in order to build a strong case for you. Some examples of parties include:

  • Building owner
  • Building manager
  • Maintenance company
  • Other property visitors
  • Product manufacturer
  • Products retailer

How much do our sliding door accident attorneys cost?

Our attorneys will collect 0 fees upfront. We only collect fees when we win compensation in our client’s favor. A lawsuit may take a couple months, or even years, and we understand the financial difficulty that our clients may be in when initially hiring an attorney. We are always available for our clients, and will not get a single dollar upfront unless we win in their favor. This allows our clients to place trust in our experienced Las Vegas attorneys. 

How will our Las Vegas sliding door accident lawyers help you?

  • If you feel as though you have a lawsuit, our attorneys offer a free consultation where we will review your situation and determine if you have a valid case.
  • Our attorneys will determine specific filing dates. Each type of lawsuit has it’s own timeline for filing. If you file your accident lawsuit late, then your entire case could be dismissed by the Nevada Court.
  • Our attorneys will file your lawsuit, and file all of the necessary paperwork.
  • Our attorneys will investigate all of the matters involved in your accident claim to determine which parties are liable, and what type of claim should be filed.
  • Our attorneys will employ highly qualified medical and legal experts to assist when determining any future injuries and treatments that you may need.
  • Our attorneys will fight for your rights, and make sure that we negotiate against the other parties with your damages in mind. There are several other damages that a victim may not initially think of when filing a lawsuit. We will break down all the future costs, along with all the past costs that you should be compensated for. 

How do you prove a sliding door accident? 

When a sliding door accident is filed against a party, there are specific requirements that you must meet, including: 

  • Duty: The party that is responsible for the accident had a duty to make sure that the property was safe. This includes making sure that the sliding door was working. 
  • Breach: The party responsible failed to follow through with this duty when they did not make sure that their property was safe. 
  • Causation: Because the party failed to maintain a safe property, they caused the accident.
  • Damages: The victim now has to deal with injuries from the accident.

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